Zomato Guy Kamaraj Full Name, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Salary, Full Case, Truth

Sometimes something tragedy happens over the internet in which it is tough to find out who is right and who is not. Kamaraj and Hitesha’s case is also something like that. Now the news turns to another end, where Kamaraj comes into the spotlight. Their news becoming viral over the internet at a rapid speed but the fact is who is right and who is not is the biggest question. Because both of them are saying different stories. Stay tuned with the article to know about Zomato guy Kamaraj Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Salary, Zomato, and more.

Name: Kamaraj
Age: 38 Years
Career: Zomato Boy
Location: Bengaluru 

Zomato Guy Kamaraj Full Name, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Salary, Full Case, Truth

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Zomato guy Kamaraj Wiki

Kamaraj is the guy who is alleged by a woman to punch her. This incident took place in Bengaluru on Thursday. Kamaraj lives in Bengaluru and by profession is a Zomato boy. He is around 38 years old and his color is black. currently, he is stuck in a case with Hitesha Chandrajee. Much more information about his wife and family is not available on the internet. but we will bring it anyhow within upcoming days. So stay with us to know all the details about Zomato Kamaraj Wiki.

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What Kamaraj Said?

It is strange that both Kamaraj and Hitesha were saying different stories to the media and which one is true is not yet confirmed. As per the reports, Kamaraj said that whatever allegation Hitesha put on him is not true. he tells that she ordered the food from Zomato but due to heavy traffic, he arrives late to the Hitesha apparent which makes her angry. But she becomes physical with Kamaraj and hits her own nose mistakenly. Now the matter is who is saying the truth and who is lying. 

Recently one of the popular Actress Parineeti Chopra also step in in this matter and tweet her opinion in support of Kamaraj. She wrote in her tweet that “Zomato India – PLEASE find and publicly report the truth…If the gentleman is innocent (and I believe he is), PLEASE help us penalize the woman in question. This is inhuman, shameful, and heartbreaking…Please let me know how I can help…#ZomatoDeliveryGuy (sic).”


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