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Zack Weiner aged 26 is known for being a Candidate for City Council. A video of him getting BDSM treatment from a girl has been gone viral over the internet. It has been reported that the video first originated on Twitter.  Anonymous users on Twitter first shared the video and then later in gone viral.

“My magnificent domme friend played with Upper West Side city council candidate Zack Weiner and I’m the only one who has the footage,” reads a tweet from the anonymous account which posted the video last week.

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What was in the Video?

In the video, Zack can be seen gagged, unable to say with a leather-bound woman who was giving him BDSM treatment. Further, she pours wax on him and clips his nipples with clothespins. Further investigation also revealed that the video was filmed at Parthenon studio in Midtown.

Zack Weiner Bio

Later Zack revealed that the video is 18 months old and the women seen in the video was his former girlfriend.

“I didn’t want anyone to see that, but here we are. I am not ashamed of the private video circulating of me on Twitter. This was a recreational activity that I did with my friend at the time, for fun. Like many young people, I have grown into a world where some of our most private moments have been documented online.” Weiner said in a statement.

“I am a proud BDSMer. I like BDSM activity,” Weiner told The Post.

Trolls on Social Media

Many people just made fun of his video and shared gifs on Twitter. Others said that this was just a publicity stunt and everything was Planned.

Zack Weiner Wiki

Zack is a 26-year-old young man who is a WGA Screenwriter, actor, and film producer. Zack co-founded Stag Pictures along with his three friends. His company has produced three movies which in total grossed in excess of $1 million. Zack has majored in history and he completed his education at Chabad pre-school, Manhattan Day School, Ramaz, New School, and Bard.

Who is Zack Weiner ?

Official website and social media

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Girlfriend, net worth

The identity of the girl in the viral video is unknown. Further his net worth is estimated to be around 10 million USD.

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