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Memes are the heart of social media and the internet spread fun, excitement, and sometimes hate. But this time, a meme called WW3 meme is going viral. On TikTok and Twitter, anxious posts about World War III recall a simpler era of global conflict.

Moreover, world war three has become people’s voice now and social media is flooded with memes of opinions. However, many want to know what is the meaning of this meme and why this meme is trending all over the internet. In this post, know everything about the WW3 meme.

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World War III (WW3) Meme

This meme is trending due to political issues and reactions to global social issues. Recently, after American forces killed Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani this week.

In the first week of January news, President Trump had ordered the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, one of the most rapid reactions to emerging amid the surprise and confusion was the memes.

Moreover, a move that will severely ratchet up tensions with the West amid fears that his country would invade Ukraine at any moment and use skirmishes as a pretext for an attack. Furthermore, Putin ordered forces into separatist regions of eastern Ukraine.

Hence, these are the recent political news that is the reason for the popularity of the ww3 memes. Below are some of the WW3 memes.

“Me and the boys on missile duty during #WWIII,” one reads, illustrated by a GIF of two soldiers running from a misfired mortar.

Moreover, “Me chilling at home after ignoring my draft notice #WWIII,” says another, illustrated with a Spider-Man clip in which the hero’s aunt is interrupted during a prayer by the Green Goblin exploding through her window.

Who created the WW3 Meme?

The meme can be trending from anywhere on the internet and it is difficult to identify the source. But according to our sources, A member of the subreddit r/ww3memes, created over two years ago, announced on January 3, “It’s time for this sub to rise.” It’s currently got over 43,000 subscribers.

Now the ww3 meme is trending on Twitter and TikTok and it becomes the people’s voice. Everyone is sharing their opinions, some are in a funny way and few are very serious and talk about the internal political benefits.

People making jokes of this because they think it can began the world world 3 and it is very bad for us. The decisions made the politicians are bad and silly according to the many people. Hence, these world war 3 memes are trending in a funny way.

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