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Recently a horrifying incident took place at Lancaster market as per the coroner’s office on Tuesday it was released that a man whose body was found dead inside a big pillar named Raymundo. He was 35 years old and his body was found around 2:40 p.m. on Saturday inside a pillar.

Winco pillar Death

As per the statement of the Los Angeles country coroner’s office and Sheriff department on Saturday afternoon the manager has reported a strong smell from the column and he also called the repairman he thought it was a kind of seven League handyman is number started to remove bricks to find out the body, In the begging they were thinking it is a kind of sewer leakage, hence smelling so badly.

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Later while removing bricks, they found a shoe and leg in the column of the grocery store. When the body was found, it was in the form of decomposition that’s why it is smelling a lot. The gender was unknown at the time, later when the investigation has been started, officers got to know that, he is a man, as per the statement of Lt. John Corina along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “I saw some gooey liquid and it smelled really foul … it was oozing out of the pillar onto the pavement,” one witness said. “It smelled like death.”

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Winco pillar Death Cause

As per the source we got to know that, it was an incident happened five days ago, where can crashed with it and driver tried to come out of the pillar by the upper store, but however he must have fallen dawn ad stuck in there, Late he found dead, it was one of the strange cases, still the investigation is going on, we will bring the letest updates soon relevant to the case.

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