Why Was Kashmiri Youtuber Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

In this article we are going to tell you a very shocking news where we can see that a well known YouTuber and he is from Kashmir had been arrested and the reason was that he had been posting a video showing that a BJP person has suspended. Speaking of this video, the police have been investigating about the case and they said that this particular video has also caused a fair moment among the people and is more like an alarm for everyone. So the name of this youtuber is Faisal Wani. And speaking of him, right now he’s in jail and has been arrested. So telling the whole situation, in short, where Faisalvani uploaded a video to YouTube where he was framing the public and this was the reason why people were scared. However, after uploading this video to YouTube.

Why Was Kashmiri Youtuber Arrested?

He also removed that particular video as an apology on his own YouTube channel. She mentioned and said that I made a video about Nupur Sharma that is going viral but it was my fault to target an innocent person for the controversy. He also mentioned that his motive was not to hurt anyone. So he apologized very innocently on the YouTube platform where he mentioned that just like this video make sure it will also help my other videos go viral however talking about the suspended BJP Nupur Sharma has also commented and commented on the Prophet Muhammad. Not only this, but there were two people involved in this murder and several people were from different countries including Howrah near Kolkata because of the comment made by Sharma and Jindal.

Kashmiri Youtuber’s Nupur Sharma Video Explained

Talking about the comment that was made over two weeks ago and people were very angry from India and from other countries, there were also a lot of people from West Asian countries and they said they have to be polite enough and it also requires a public apology. There are many more ways you can make your video go viral on the social media platform but making false accusations about someone is not right and we should respect everyone before making a video and posting it on social media.
If you really want to become famous or want your video to go viral on YouTube or any of the social media platforms, you just have to keep a few points in mind to help you keep your videos short and engaging in the future. sure you have clarified all the points and what is the goal of your video to stay relevant on social media platform and go to popular sites and trends try to be more relatable and should be consistent enough that people will like it love to watch your videos find your target audience and use the entire social media platform produces content quality and plays on emotions.

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