Why Amazon Changed Its App Icon Logo? Reason Adolf Hitler? New Logo vs Old Logo

The E-commerce giant amazon changes its phone app logo its icon. Amazon is facing criticism from the users for its old phone app logo, so they had changed it.

Why Amazon changed its logo

According to some users, it looks like Adolf Hitler’s mustache. The old icon had a blue ribbon-like design on the top of the app, so folks start comparing it with Adolf Hitler, and it creates controversy.

Therefore, after gaining much controversy and criticism, this e-commerce tech giant company settle on the decision to changed the phone app logo icon. Hence, The strip was redesigned to look like a folded piece of tape.

Amazon old logo vs new logo

In the new app logo, the blue strip has been changed to look like someone is tearing the tape.

However, the criticism doesn’t stop here, some folks start pretending it with the Avatar forehead arrow symbol, that avatar: the last air bender leading character had in the series.

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Amazon new logo

History of Amazon Logo

Jeff Bezos has founded Amazon in 1994 under the name “Cadabra.” But it was immediately changed after noticing it resembled the word “cadaver”.

But, for the thought of branding Bezos changes the name to Amazon. He has called on Turner Duckworth to create his logo, at the initial times. In his beginning days, jeff only sold books. Amazon was selling books in 45 different countries and generating a revenue of $20,000 a week.

But it’s a slow-growth, then Jeff Bezos comes with a new idea, a changed the online shopping way. He started to sell everything, From grocery shopping to cutting-edge technology.

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Amazon logo history

According to amazon.com growth, the company changed its logo over the period of time. And try to deliver more branding, customer relevancy, and services with its brand logo.

What is the hidden meaning of the Amazon logo?

Amazon sells everything on its platform, and the logo shows the hidden meaning that is A to Z. The smiling look like an arrow goes from a to z in the name of amazon. It describes that the platform has every kind of product from A to Z.

amazon logo hidden meaning

The smile symbol of amazon indicates that the company wants their customers happy and wants to provide the best services. Currently, the amazon company provides over 19 fully-featured services.

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