Who is Yusef Jabryil McArthur El? Criminal Charges, 13 Year Old killed his Sister

Yusef Jabryil McArthur El is known for being involved in the case where a 13-year-old boy accidentally killed his own 14-year-old sister named Kyra Scott. According to the Douglas County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office the boy was selling his own homemade ghost guns. At that time 2 persons approached him to purchase the gun. But instead of paying both of them try to run away in which one person is identified as Yusef Jabryil McArthur El.     

According to the officials, Yusef Jabryil McArthur El is just 19 years old who want able to run away while the other of his friend did. At the same time, the 13-year-old boy who was selling guns tried to shoot down them but sadly he killed his own sister. 

Neighbors rushed her to the nearby hospital but sadly she passed away due to her serious injuries.

On the other hand, both 13-year-old seller and 19-year-old Yusef Jabryil McArthur El is been arrested by police. The 13-year-old has been charged with felony murder and McArthur El has been charged with robbery and felony murder. 

More details about them is not known at the time of writing this post. Ghost guns are self or homemade guns which can’t be traced. they are made by buying individual parts from the online market or offline.   

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