Who Is Tiktok Star Kelly Baddie? Age Wiki & Leaked On Twitter And Reddit

Badie Kelly is an Internet star and TikTok user. Since she posted a video showing her sensual dancing moves, she has grown her following to over 800k. One of the viral videos she posted was a video of her shaking a small nyash. It quickly went viral, and the rest is history. Read on to learn more about Kelly Badie, her net worth, and how she became so popular. Let’s discover more details about Who Is Tiktok Star Kelly Baddie? Age Wiki & Leaked On Twitter And Reddit.

Kelly Baddie

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Tiktok Star Kelly Baddie

As a young woman from Togo, Kelly Badie is an Internet sensation who went viral after posting a video on her TikTok account. In it, she was dancing in a multi-coloured fast robe. It received more than four million views, and she has garnered many fans on the platform. Kelly is a social media influencer who began uploading videos on the app in November 2021. While she has a number of female followers, she is well aware of the techniques necessary to get attention.

While Kelly has become a household name on social media platforms, her video uploads on TikTok have been the most popular. She has gained a huge following and has been crowned Miss TikTok 2022 by a group of boys. Despite the fact that she is from West Africa, Kelly Bhadie’s twerking videos have attracted many Nigerian men, who have praised her looks and buttocks.

TikTok trending star

You may have already heard about TikTok trending star, Kelly Badie. She has risen from obscurity to become a YouTube sensation. She gained attention on the internet for her videos of sensual dance moves and twerking. In fact, her videos have now reached over 800k views! Her videos have attracted a massive following in Nigeria. The teen is only seventeen years old but already has over 800k followers on TikTok.

The video’s popularity has sparked several interesting questions about Badie’s parents. First of all, her mother Pretty Kelly is a Togo native. She moved to the US with her daughter in November 2021. However, she has not shared the names of her father or mother. She has not yet revealed her parents’ names, so we are left to assume that her father is also a Togo native.

You can visit her tiktok video link:- https://www.tiktok.com/discover/baddie-Kelly

Kelly Badie’s net worth

You may be wondering what is Kelly Badie’s net worth? The popular TikTok star got her big break with the success of her Jesus sample. She has a following of over 700k followers on TikTok. However, it’s difficult to determine her exact net worth as she has been relatively anonymous. Kelly’s popularity has come from her easy-to-understand and straightforward techniques for achieving attention.

The first video Kelly shared on TikTok has amassed more than 5 million views. She first downloaded the app in November 2021 and has been sharing her dance moves ever since. Her most popular video is the one where she sets men on fire. With 5.8 million views, this video is her highest-rated video to date. Kelly’s first video on TikTok was of her bending low and bouncing.

Who Is Kelly Baddie?

The young woman behind the sensational TikTok video has piqued the interest of people all over the world. The young woman, dressed in a brown dress and twerking, has become an instant sensation. Her twerking video was filmed by a group of males. Since then, Kelly Baddie and her allies have made great progress on TikTok. Here are some of the facts about her viral video.

The video was uploaded to the social networking site on May 23, where it received over 4.8 million views and became a worldwide sensation. The video depicts Kelly bending low, wearing a black shirt, setting men on fire and flashing her bare belly button. As a result, it sparked a debate among people as to whether the video is real or not. As it stands, both sides are in a position to comment on the video.

Kelly Baddie Leaked Video

If you’ve ever wondered why women are going crazy over TikTok videos, the answer is simple: the girls are doing it! One of the most popular TikTok stars is 17-year-old Kelly Badie. After putting up some sensual dance videos, her following shot up to more than 800k. Her videos feature both men and women, and are sure to get you hooked!

This young nurse from Togo, West Africa, became famous after she uploaded a twerking video on the social networking site TikTok. While most twerkers bent their bodies, Kelly did not. She simply flipped and bounced her bum. Her video went viral, garnering up to 6 million views in less than three months. If you’re wondering how she managed to gain such a large following, watch this hilarious video now!

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