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Recently a girl named Naaz Patel went viral over social media because of her Myntra Controversy. According to the latest news, Naaz Patel filed a complaint against the Myntra logo for being offensive towards women. According to Patel, the logo resembles naked women. Stay connected with Biographydata for more updates.

Naaz Patel Wikipedia

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Why Naaz Patel is Getting Viral?

Further Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Department also found the logo to be offensive as a result Myntra had to change its logo. The sudden change of the Myntra logo because of a Mumbai-based woman made Naaz viral over the internet.

Naaz Patel Myntra Controversy

Now many people are looking for more information about her on the internet but there is not much to know about her. But don’t worry we got your cover !! This post will cover Naaz Patel’s biography which will give you enough information. 

How is Myntra Logo Offensive? Myntra Old Logo Meme, New Vs Old Meme on Myntra Logo Change, Double Meaning Meme

Naaz Patel Wiki Biography

The reason Myntra changed is already described now let’s take a look at Naaz Patel. As well all know that Naaz is getting trolled and people are making fun of her is the reason she is getting viral. This enhanced the curiosity of people to know her better.

Unfortunately, there is little to no information about her but we found some information about Naaz Patel. The woman behind the change of the Myntra logo is an activist and she lives in Mumbai. In case you don’t know the exact meaning of activist then it means a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.

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NGO and Profession

Further, she is associated with an NGO named Avesta Foundation which aims to provide shelter, food, medical assistance, personal care & attention for old and neglected citizens. The NGO is fully dedicated to senior citizens. It is not much about her profession but we can say that Naaz Patel is connected to Avesta Foundation. 

Naaz Patel’s Net Worth

Naaz Patel’s net worth is not publicly available. The available information about her is too short. 

Naaz’s Relationships and Boyfriends 

There is no information about her boyfriend and personal relationships but soon we will update this post. 

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