White Vision Marvel wiki, WandaVision episode 8: Who Is The White Vision? Anti-Vision Origin

According to the classic Marvel comics “The Avengers 1968”, he had the maroon shading, At the point when he was reformed, he was unfeeling and had a pale-white composition, driving a few fans to call this manifestation “White Vision” or “Ghostly Vision” or “Anti-Vision”.

Moreover, Vision’s mind is created from the brain patterns of a person named Simon Williams, famously known by his superhero nickname “Wonder Man”.

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WandaVision Episode 8 Post-Credit Scene Explained

The semi-finale episode of the WandaVision explained almost everything of the questions. This episode shows how Vision is rebuilt with the powers of Wanda AKA Scarlet Witch. Moreover, it also answers that how the whole Westview is a prison in a hexagonal electromagnetic field called “HEX”. However, nothing happens as expected, such as “Nightmare” or “Mefisto”. It all done by Wanda.

It also explains that Wanda did NOT steal Vision’s body from S.W.O.R.D. It is a lie from the director Hayward due to he believes that Vision is a weapon with a billion dollars worth of Vibranium.

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At the end of the episode, in the bonus post-credit scene, we saw the SWORD tents with Hayward that experimenting with visions body. They try everything to give power to the visions but nothing happens. Hence, they try the stark industry drone that is possessed by Wanda’s power.

They take the Vision’s body on the left other side and drone on another right side and start the machine. And somehow, it worked, the vision is online again. But in an all-new white look, it actually without any colors and seems emotionless. Moreover, White Vision or Anti-Vision does not have any Infinity Stone like Mind Stone on the forehead, it just some kind of light.

White Vision Marvel wiki

According to some fan theories, the white vision is Ultron. Somehow Ultron is not dead and capable to make a backup to revive again. Due to Ultron head has seemed in (Tom Holland) Spiderman movie. Hence, this buzz for the Utron Revive is spreading among marvel fans. However, all these are just speculations and theories, what actually happens, will be seen in the finale episode of WandaVision.

wandavision episode 8 who is white vision origin

What Happens Next?

It obvious, that will be a fighting battle between white vision (the bad)and normal vision(the good). And Wanda will fight with Agnes for her kids. Because it will be the finale episode and fans expecting some action scenes in Marvel style.

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