What Was Matthew Ventress Cause Of Death? What Happened To Destinee Lashaee? Funeral Obituary News!

What Was Matthew Ventress Cause Of Death? What Happened To Destinee Lashaee? Funeral Obituary News: Destinee Lashaee aka Matthew Ventress, the famous transgender actor who starred in Megalomedia show, “My 600 lbs life season seven” which aired in 2019, dies. At the time, Destinee – who had not yet transitioned – weighed in at 669 lbs. She went on, speaking about her mental health struggles: “I feel like all I’m constantly doing is trying to escape my depression and paint at this point. The actor was reported to have committed suicide on 3rd February 2022.

Matthew Ventress Death Reason

She was said to be suffering from mental illness and critical depression which was later confirmed by her brother. Food is the only thing I can turn to do that. I can feel it killing me. There is no way I’m going to survive for much longer. Before his death, Matthew shared some troubling messages on social media which proved that he was going through an emotional struggle. Last week, he wrote: “If I were surrounded by all my tears, I would float in the ocean. The actor had filed charges against her director.

What Happened To Destinee Lashaee?

Harris County, Texas, on April 17th who forced her to shave her beard on the show for which she imposed a $1 million lawsuit on the production. During the ongoing case, Destinee Lashaee accused Harris County’s production of negligence, wilful emotional misery, fraud, etc. The filming of her shaving beard resulted in her causing an emotional trauma which later led her into an emotional breakdown. Reports indicate that the prolonged lawsuit with Harris County’s production lead her to mental stress which may have been one of the primal causes of her suicide.

Matthew Ventress Funeral Obituary News

Destinee Lashaee wanted to be socially active like her fellow people but couldn’t make the most out of herself because of her mental state. As a result of this breakdown, she claimed that the producers would visit her house to capture some “dramatic footage”. She also reported that the producers,” well written and managed scenes for my dramatic effect. Whenever Destinee Lashaee would try to back off from the show, she claimed that the producers would cut off her fee to ship the promised gastric sleeve surgical procedure.

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The end result reports indicate that the primal cause of her suicide was a constant struggle between her mental and health issues. After the death of his sister, he wrote: “I’m sorry brother, I accept you for who you are, I accept all the flaws that come with you… “I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had no one else to turn to, I’m sorry you felt you had no other choice. There is not much we know about Destinee Lashaee’s sister but her brother has been blaming himself and the lack of authority’s responsibility for her death.

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