What is OnlyFans, and is it Dangerous?

In 2016 the British tech entrepreneur Timothy Stokely created a new social media platform. It provided us with solutions to problems we did not have back then, solutions we did not even know we needed until recently. Today with the COVID-19 pandemic, this platform has grown with its subscribers so incredibly it is hard not to notice. In the past few years, people have never felt more disconnected, they keep looking for new places, websites, and entertaining platforms to keep their minds off their problems and enrich their online experience.

This new platform introduces us to alternatives and new possibilities of all kinds, focusing on exclusive content made it stand out from other platforms and apps. It has a growing audience every month who are craving what it is offering, especially in entertainment. OnlyFans helped create a unique experience that we did not think we needed. People still have their doubts about it, though we will try to answer some popular questions.

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The million dollars question: what is OnlyFans?

It is an outstanding social media platform for people from all around the globe to come together and share their content with their audience. It is no secret that creators get to choose what to post and how to deliver it to others just as any other platform, but with OnlyFans, creators had the opportunity to be closer to their fans. They can communicate with them on a deeper level, in addition to getting paid in the process of doing something they like, making it a distinct experience that most people would choose to have. For example, check out Village Voice’s list of hottest girls to follow on OnlyFans.

It is a remarkable space for people to get creative and do what they can with their capabilities. It also assists them in revealing their hidden talents and devoting time and effort to their goals. Because getting paid is not as easy as people think, you need to take it seriously and do your best, or your rank will lower, and you could lose followers.

Who are followers, and what do they do?

They are the buyers, those who are identified as your audience. They choose to follow you and pay the fee for your services, which is due monthly and it ranges between $4.99 and $49.99.

The trick not to lose followers is simply to take them seriously and to acknowledge that they are not only paying for your services, they are also paying for your time and your effort. They want to see some valuable content. Whether it’s you singing, teaching them something, or even dancing for them privately on the screen.

Now that we have been over with our first question, let’s move to the next question.

Is OnlyFans dangerous?

Well, it is up to your definition of danger. Here the answer is a combination of two factors, who is using it, and why are they using it? Users on this platform vary just like their content, from fashion and modeling to fitness and coaching, and they all do their best to satisfy their audience properly. Still, content could be harmful no matter how innocent it seems. For example, games content could be violent for underaged kids, which is one dangerous side that should be considered.

The age of creators is important too, and the question of who is using the platform should go both ways for the creators and the audience at the same time. We should look after who is creating the content and what.

The second factor is why people use it? What is the purpose they are going after? What do they want? Who is their audience? The answers to these questions can lower the rates of dangerous cases where scams or abusive behavior occur.

People use OnlyFans for all kinds of reasons, they find the website exciting, and it delivers something new, people could misuse it, but that does not mean the platform is rotten.


OnlyFans is dangerous when you don’t know how to use it and safe when you can control your actions and know exactly what you are looking for. Decide whether you want to be a content creator or a user, then give yourself some time to get to know the platform before judging it.

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