WATCH: Uvalde School Shooting Video CCTV Footage Of 3 Min Long

There is more viral news on the web than thousands of people searching about this. Uvalde’s video is the center of attraction for many of us. It is Such a heartbreaking moment for thousands of people. Netizens are shocked having watched this video. It was something that no one could imagine. As per the latest report in that Uvalde school, a gun shooter entered, and he entered 2 classrooms where he started to fire. In the shooting, almost 19 Students were killed and 2 teachers.

Uvalde School Shooting Video

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Uvalde School Shooting Video

Many are mourning the incident. It was horrible for all. Tributes are being paid on Twitter. There is footage of CCTV surveillance where we can see police officers reach the place and try to approach the gunman. The 3 min long Uvalde video is circulating on the Web, and many share this. This post will let you know about the video as we have mentioned the video in the content.

Over time more information is coming out about that. You have to keep patience. We will update you with the latest details related to the Uvalde school video of the shooting. As per the exclusive report, the cops shot him dead, but the children could not be saved. The murdered children’s parents raise many questions about the city officials. We are waiting for further news.


Uvalde CCTV Footage Of 3 Min Long

Uvalde has been breaking news for many people. The CCTV footage of Uvalde video has gone viral on the internet. Netizens are showing so much interest in knowing more about this. The operation was going on for more than an hour. On google, netizens are searching for the Uvalde school shooting video. It is 3 to 4 min long, where we can see police or arm force reaching the gunman, till 45 minutes they were trying to reach him and for another 30 minutes, they attempted to enter the classroom. Many people are angry after this incident. They are expressing their feeling on social media.

Who was the shooter, it is not known yet. Some are seeking who the Uvalde school shooter was. This info is still to come out. The investigation is going on, and more details will be released on the same page. People are shocked after they learn about the Uvalde school shooting video, where 19 innocent lives were killed and 2 teachers.

Such incidents in schools and colleges are increasing over time. We have to stop, and the country’s government should consider this major emerging problem in various countries. Please let us know what you think about this in the comment section. It may help people get some ideas. For more updates, keep visiting this site.

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