WATCH Heartbreaking Video Of Marmolada glacier collapse in Italy kills six

Recently a viral video of the Marmolada glacier collapse is spreading on the internet. Tons of users are showing interest in watching the Marmolada glacier video. But before that, we need to explore the news. As per the latest report, we came to that. At least six people lost their lives in the accident. After they were caught in the avalanche sparked by the collapse of the glacier. The incident has taken place in the Northern Italian Alps. Let’s discover more details about the find what actually happened.

video of marmolada

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Marmolada Glacier Collapse In Italy Kills Six

As far as we know, as per the statement of the emergency officials, more than nine people are injured after the incident.  And two people are having serious injuries, they are between life and death. Rescue teams are putting all the effort to save people’s lives. They are using helicopters and drones to find the people who are injured and lost after this. There is a complete video of Marmolada on the web. Users are watching the video and sharing it on social media sites. If you are one of them then, you have chosen the right platform, here we will let you all the essential details and also make you the video.

Video Of Marmolada glacier collapse

In the video of the Marmolada glacier, we can see clearly that an ice mass is collapsing the slopes of Marmolada. It is known as the area’s highest mountain. Many of the people who got injured, were taken to the hospital. There were some hikers who were enjoying themselves. No one had thought this, the video is getting viral. Several netizens are searching the keyword “video Marmolada”. On YouTube and other social media platforms, the video is available, you may visit the platforms, for all of the readers we will also drop the link of the video in the post.


So far it is not clear what the reason was the collapse of the glacier, the cause is being found by the authorities, we will let you know soon. As per But Walter Milan’s statement, the rescue service spokesperson said that the area has been expiring some high temperatures for a long time, which is why it occurred. Still, there is no clue, an investigation is going on. We are trying to fetch more info. Stay connected with us for more updates, we will let you know soon with the latest update on the same news.

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