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Sportscaster Vin Scully was a legend in the broadcasting industry. He called numerous baseball, tennis and golf games for CBS. He also covered baseball for NBC in the early 80s and continued until the network cut its baseball coverage. Vin Scully has been calling baseball games for over 60 years, a record that includes several World Series contests. He passed away on May 4, 2016, after a long illness. However, his legacy will continue.

Vin Scully

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Vin Scully Death

Scully was a beloved voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers for 67 years. A native of New York, Scully first joined the Dodgers in Brooklyn in 1950. By 1958, the team had relocated to Los Angeles, and the fan base flocked to see Scully in action. Scully was an indispensable part of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise and his broadcasting work earned him a great deal of respect and admiration.

The longtime Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers announcer died Tuesday, at the age of 94. Scully was the Dodgers’ conscience and poet laureate, chronicling the glory of the Dodgers and their legends. His voice, poetic and philosophical asides, and personal connections made him the voice of the city of Los Angeles. He was one of the most cherished voices of baseball, and his passing will be felt by all.

Scully’s career was punctuated by some of his most famous calls, including a perfect game by Sandy Koufax against the Chicago Cubs on Sept. 9, 1965. His ninth-inning call has been called pure baseball literature. The game’s improbable victory was praised by the audience of more than two thousand. In addition to baseball, Scully called games of golf and NFL football. From 1975 to 1989, he served as a broadcaster for NBC, CBS, and sports channels.

Scully’s career was marked by a succession of successful television and radio jobs. He began calling Dodgers games at the L.A. Remembrance Coliseum, which was built before Dodger Stadium was built. He also co-hosted the 1968 World Series for ABC with Elizabeth Montgomery. Scully also co-hosted the NBC game show It Takes Two. He went on to host the primetime version of the Challenge of the Sexes for CBS.

Vin Scully Wife

Scully was married for 47 years. He was married to his wife, Sandra Hunt, and they had two children together. His oldest son, Michael, died in a helicopter crash in California when he was thirty-one. The accident took place as Scully and his son Michael were inspecting oil pipelines for leaks. He died while trying to save the lives of others. In addition, he left behind a loving wife and children, including three stepchildren and his mother-in-law.

Vin Scully Net Worth

Scully made a good deal of money through guest appearances and brand promotions. He has worked with some big brands in the past and makes between $66k and $80k a month. In addition to his broadcasting work, Vin Scully has written numerous book reviews and articles on his website. It is estimated that Scully earned about $25 million at the time of his death. The author of Vin Scully’s biography, Amelia Warner, has earned a master’s degree in history.

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