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Recently a Tiktok star Udhaya Sumathi died on 1 February 2021. According to the sources, He died in a car accident. It’s really unfortunate that in past years many TikTok stars died because of different reasons. Further, this post will explain Udhaya Sumathi’s death reason and full biography.

Recently in January, a TikTok Star boy Rafi Shaik Committed SuicideIt’s not surprising that young Tiktokers of India face a lot of trolling on other social media. After the banning of TikTok in India, many other similar working apps launched and TikTok stars migrated to them but the trolling continued.

Udhaya Sumathi Wikipedia

But all this trolling and youtube vs TikTok stuff didn’t affect Udhaya much. He was mainly famous in south India. The majority of his fans were from Tamil Nadu following by Karnataka and Kerala.

Tiktok Udhaya Sumathi Death News

Tiktok guy Udhaya Sumathi latest news is going viral over social media. his fans are sharing this painful incident. Immediately after Udhaya’s death news gone viral among the TikTok community many of his old videos reposted by people. Moreover, many people posted his death news video on the video-sharing platform Youtube. To gain views and subscribers many people started spreading misleading and untrusted information about him.

Udhaya Sumathi

Udhaya Sumati Death Reason and Date

Because he was just a TikTok and youtube personality his accident news didn’t get much coverage from the media. Moreover, Udhaya Sumathi was only famous in three states of south India. But regardless of that, we gathered some facts and TikTok Udhaya accident news. According to the reports he died on 1 February 2021 because of a serious car accident.

Udhaya Sumathi Wikipedia

After his accident, many people started searching for his biography to know him better.  He was famous for TikTok and youtube videos. many of his videos ware gone viral. Sumathi was born in 1993. as of 2021, He was 27 years old married man with a kid. As his youtube video indicates He was in love with her wife and living a happy life. His birthplace is Tamil Nadu and He was living in Tamil Nadu since birth.

Udhaya Sumathi Education

He did his schooling at Ryan International High School in Tamil Nadu. Later He also completed his graduation in his own state. After graduation, he gained an interest in modeling and acting.

Udhaya Sumathi Profession and Career

Udhaya was famous for his TikTok and youtube videos. He was focused on creating funny as well as romantic TikTok videos. Sumathi was the owner of a youtube channel named as UdhayaSumathi Official which has 232k plus subscribers. He was posting family blogs with his wife on youtube for a long time. In addition to that, He was heavily followed on Instagram and TikTok where he collaborated and promoted different brands for a living. He was also highly interested in modeling and acting.

Udhaya’ Family and Relationship with her Wife

Udhaya had a love marriage with his wife and He was the father of a young child. His youtube videos clearly show how deeply both couples were in love. Sadly He didn’t survive the accident. Further Much information is needed. He also shared a youtube video in which He was with his wife sharing the love story and how they meet each other. You can visit his youtube channel for more deep information.

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