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A TikTok user account got viral on the platform from a ‘GHOST’ REMOVING DOG’S COLLAR VIDEO. Tiktoker Shanny fantg whose username is shannyfantg has shocked the millions after uploading the ghost removing her dog’s collar video. The video has recorded by the surveillance camera of the house.

The woman’s video shocked many by this unnatural paranormal activity captured. However, people want to know about this account and the video also they want to know, is her house has ghosts. In this post, know everything about the Shanny fantg and gather information such as wiki, Ghost removing the dog’s collar video, biography, family, husband, net worth, and more.

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Ghost Removing the Dog’s Collar Video

Recently, on the world-famous short video social media platform TikTok, a video got viral. In this video, a dog is barking and after some seconds the collar of the dog has been removed unnaturally. The video is posted by the username called Shanny fantg and it already got viral.

According to the sources, she is a woman who posted the video and gained 15k plus followers just after uploading the video. Moreover, she said in the caption that “Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate.”

The video has recorded by a surveillance home camera which is set up in the house of the shanny. She has two dogs, a brown one, and the second is black. Both dogs are barking loudly in the empty house and suddenly a brown dog has silent. But the black dog’s collar has removed and he is fell into their cage. Some believe that this paranormal activity is happened by a ghost.

One person wrote: “I’ve never seen such a convincing ghost video.”

Furthermore, a second one shared: “Something that messes with the dogs doesn’t sit with me.”

And a third commented: “They both got very quiet … they felt the energy. That silence was unsettling.”

However, it is not the first video uploaded by the Shanny fantg. In a previous video, the woman had also caught on camera a doggy door between the kitchen and living room swinging open in the middle of the night.

Shanny fantg Wiki

Fantg is a woman and she is a TikToker with thousands of followers. But there is a high probability that she will get millions of followers after her dog’s video.

Shanny is convinced that her house is ‘haunted’, captioned the video, “ghost is getting cray. I and my dog were in the kitchen when it happened.”

She got viral by her dog’s encounter videos with ghosts. As she claimed that her house is haunted by ghosts. However, there is no evidence and also there are no proofs available that the video is fake or real.


There are no details available for his personal and relationship life.

Net Worth

There is no evidence available for Shanny fantg’s net worth, salary, other sources of income.

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