TikToker Canceledconservative Fired 46 Vaccinated Employees, Wiki, Age, Instagram

Recently one of the Tiktok has come into the limelight where is Tik Tok users CANCELEDCONSERVATIVE has claimed that he has fired some of his employees who are fractionated. It is such shocking news that came out and many people started to give attention to this news. At present many people are searching for who is that through this post we will let you know every single thing related to Tiktok whose name CANCELEDCONSERVATIVE and his real name.


As per the source we got to know he has fired almost 46 employees from the company who were vaccinated. At present his Tiktok account has been deleted but now he has been identified as a man whose name is Jodie Pendleton. He is being hated by lots of people and many people are reacting to the news. People are sharing the viral video.  Even the user has made some more videos so that he could try to make people understand what he was making but it was too late.

Jodie Fired 46 Vaccinated Employee Exact Reason

There is a video of him in which he is wearing a beanie with President Trump’s name on it and he is claiming that he is a real patriot and a person who loves the constitution and this country.  Now his account has been disabled as of Wednesday. In one of the Tik Tok videos, he has stated 46 employees are vaccinated and he told that he had around 138 employees in all four restaurants. Out of them, only 46 were vaccinated you might be thinking a business should have vaccinated employees.

Tik Tok Viral Video Explanation

Now the Tiktok video has gone viral on the Internet and many people are sharing it on Facebook Google and social media sites. Netizens are giving their reviews as per the latest update we got to know the Tiktok user has been fired from his job for making this video.

Jodie Pendleton was working as a district manager at Paparoni’s Pizzeria and Grill restaurant chain in South Carolina. He just wanted to prove his point that is how unvaccinated people feel when they are terminated from the job. He has gone viral on social media platforms and his profile is being visited. As it has been deleted you might find him or other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to get more latest information it in fact was and do bookmark this site

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