The Milk Crate Challenge, Injuries, Death, What it is?

The drive-by shooting happened about 5:30 p.m. Sunday outside the Linwood Public Charter School on West 70th Street. In this locality, there was a group of friends attempting the “The Milk Crate Challenge”. Later, a sudden shot fire is held and two of them are dead by the shot.

The Internet world is full of amazing and weird things and there is always something that comes in the trends. Recently, “The Milk Crate Challenge” is getting popular and many people try to complete the challenge and post the videos on social media.

In this post, know more about the Milk Crate Challenge which is become deadly, and who two died in the shot fire.

The Milk Crate Challenge

Two died in the Stunt by shot fire

Two people were shot to death and another was wounded earlier this week as a viral social media stunt called “The Milk Crate Challenge”. This stunt was being filmed outside a school in Shreveport, Louisiana, according to individual news reports.

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Reportedly, the incident happened nearly about 5:30 p.m. Sunday outside the Linwood Public Charter School on West 70th Street. Besides, one man walking over a pyramid of plastic milk crates without toppling over, and another person is recording the video, and few more people watching the challenge.

A few moments later, a sudden shot fire was held and at least 21 or more rounds could be heard in rapid-fire on a video filmed by one of the observers. The video recording person quickly successfully escaped the shot fire while yelling “Get me my gun, get me my gun!”

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Yet it is not revealed that who is shooting and what they are gun shooting on these people. Authorities have not yet revealed any suspects in the case and the investigation is still going on.


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Milk Crate Challenge 

It is the new internet challenge which comes in trending for few weeks. Videos of the performing stunt are shared on social media by people. In this stunt, a person needs to build a milk crate pyramid in a single raw. A person needs to stand on the top of the pyramid to complete the challenge.

However, The dangerous stunt has typically ended in serious injuries because the lightweight pyramid falls apart like a house of cards. Hence, it can be dangerous and the person would get injuries.

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