Who is Stipe Lijovic? Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Children, Wife, Cause of Death

Stipe Lijovic is a Melbourne Australian man, who is gaining lots of attention these days, as far as we know about him, he was also Carpenter, he has come in the headline when his death news came out that on Tuesday, he took his own life, or you can say hi kicked the bucket. He left the world on September 21 in 2021 at 7 am. his death location was the Crema Construction site on Spencer Street in Melbourne’s west. Find out more details about this matter, this post revealed all the facts about the victim.

Stipe Lijovic Death Cause

There is a number of people who are seeking his death case, they long to know why has he suicide.  We will inform you that he committed suicide just after some hours, when the citywide construction ban was announced, it is a big loss to his family and loved ones.  A former colleague of his stated as fellow tradies vow his tragic death won’t be overshadowed by ‘rubbish’ protests. ‘[It is] a loss that I refuse to be overshadowed by the rubbish that is happening around us today,’.

Stipe Lijovic Death

so far Crema Construction has not made any statement over the death, the investigation is going on and police are preparing for the Coroner. His colleagues are paying heart-touching tribute, he will be missed by plenty of people.  As per the report around 2000 tradesmen and anti-vaccination including freedom, campaigners have rampaged through the city for more than 10 hours against protesters and they also hurled projectiles towards police.


Talking about his personal life then he was a married person, who had a wife, whose name is Blazenka Lijovic, the couple last time celebrated their 20th anniversary on August 9 in 2020, they had been together for a long time, unfortunately now they are separated, they were also blessed with children, now they are survived by him, it is a hard time for the family, our deepest condolence is with his family. For more latest updates keep following the page, we will send you notifications as soon as we post new and trending news.

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