Sophia Nur Influencer #Survivingsophia Trending On Twitter Fraud

 Sophia Nur is one of the most trending personalities on social media sites. These days she is the headline of the news because she has gone viral with the #Survivingsophia. She has come in the spotlight for stealing $11 million dollars. It is such a huge amount and people are shocked to know this is why we have brought the suitable post which is all about her we will let you know every single thing related to Sophia Nur that who is she and why she is trending on the internet.

Who is Sophia Nur?

Nur has gone viral on Twitter and many people have made a tweet about her on the 18th of November 2021. Her name and fame are increasing and several people are searching about her she has come in the LimeLight after she got scammed by the same person. The conversation has started in Clubhouse group chat and on Twitter, some of the people have started to share their experience of getting robbed by Sophia. Many people were shocked because they also got scammed by the same person and this is how she went viral on the internet.

Sophia a scammer who has borrowed lots of money from many people and now she has disappeared. There is no information about her on social media she is a Canadian and her age is around 20 years old. She has not disclosed much information about herself and she is also not active on her social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram.

#Survivingsophia Twitter

She has robbed many people by making many excuses of her mother that she has passed away and she needs $4,000 dollars for her funeral expenses. Later it was found that the story was fake and this is her she has also been scammed by many people and slowly-slowly people have started to find it on social media sites.

Sophia Nur Memes & $11 Million Fraud

Sophia has targeted mostly social media influencers and celebrity personalities e based in Los Angeles. She asked for money from them for expenses by making any emotional excuse sometimes we also promised to pay the money back but she never returned back. We can also learn from our that we should not give money to anyone whom we meet on social media sites without knowing. If you know and you are sure about this then you should give otherwise we should not.

So we should be aware of this issue because there are many cameras on the internet and the number is increasing day by day so you all are requested to be aware of these scammers. On the internet can also find many memes related to her story and victims which are being shared on social media sites people are making fun of and also making her more popular.

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