Shocking Rajasthan News: Electrical Wire Touched by Bus with Passengers in Jalore 6 People Died Many Scorched

A major accident occurred in Maheshpura town of the Jalore area of ​​Rajasthan on Saturday night. Where a transport filled with passengers was struck by an electric wire. About two dozen passengers were ejected from the vehicles, causing a current rush in transport, of which around 6 persons kicked the bucket on the spot. Along with this, the police organization group has also reached the spot after getting the data of the case.

Electrical Wire Touched by Bus with Passengers in Rajasthan

The local medical clinic has been harmed by the transport. Boss clinical officer of the field medical clinic, Drs. SP Sharma has confirmed the death of 6 persons. In connection with this episode. Jalore’s Chief Clinical Officer told Aaj Tak that 6 persons kicked the bucket in the incident. In addition, 6 actual wounds have been detected in Jodhpur. In addition, 13 individuals are being treated at the local clinic. The enrollment number of passenger transport with which the accident occurred is RJ51 Dad 0375.

Actual Incident Happened in The City Rajasthan

It is being told that this transport had lost its direction and arrived in the city. Ghanshyam Singh, hailing from Maheshpura, said that this transport full of passengers had left for Mandawar to Beawar. It may have been, lost the route in the evening. Transport had entered the city of Maheshpura due to an excavation course.

rajasthan bus accident with Electrical Wire

The 11 kV line in the city burst into flames due to contact with an electrical wire. When the electric wire approached the transport, the flow went from one point of view to the transport, in the opposite direction, the fire in the transport. Nearby residents, after educating the power department about the episode, first cut off the force and later attempted to drive the individuals safely out of the transport.

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State President of Rajasthan Satish Poonia Tweet About The Accident 

Neighbor BJP MP Satish Poonia has expressed his anguish about the incident. He wrote in his tweet, “In Maheshpura town of Jalore, there was extremely pathetic information on the failures of many passengers due to fire, due to transport fires. I wish the loss in the accident very soon. Dead. In his next tweet, communicating his sympathy to the groups of people killed in the accident, he expressed, “My sympathies are with the groups of the dead, God favors them to bear this hopeless misfortune. Organization and Jalore offer police assistance work. Perceptive help to travelers.”


Residents educated the police about the incident. After which the police and highly placed representatives additionally reached the spot. Transport burst into flames due to electric current. The fire brigade enlisted the help of a local group to extinguish the transport fire. The fire has been controlled. In the salvage activity, many passengers caught in transport were safely evacuated. The damaged passengers have been admitted to the emergency clinic for treatment. There was extremely pathetic information on the failures of many passengers due to transport fire in Maheshpura town of Jalore. I want to pay respect to the dead, wishing the voices of the soon-to-be-damaged passengers.

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