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Seth Keshel a famous former American Army Captain is in news because of his statements related to the 2020 US presidential election. According to his investigation, he claims that the former US president Trump had won the election in 7 states.

Seth Keshel Bio

He believes that the votes counts are altered or manipulated. For now, no details and proofs have been available about his claims. Read the post further to know more about Seth Keshel Biography, wiki, education, profession, net worth, kids, wife, and other details.

His claims started a new heated argument among the Americans.


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Seth Keshel wiki

Seth Keshel’s estimated age is around 40 years. He was a former American army captain who worked as a Military Intelligence officer for about 6 years. Further, he is also an election data analyst and baseball analyst. More details about his education and personal life ist not known at the time of writing this post.

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Net Worth

No official details have been found about his net worth. Seth Keshel’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million USD. Still, many websites are representing his unverified net worth which should not be trusted.

Seth Keshel Wikipedia

Family, wife, kids

Seth Keshel is married to a woman named Carissa Keshel. They have 3 kids together. Two daughters and one son can be seen on their social media. More details regarding his family will be updated soon.

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