Palang Tod Saas Bahu & Nri Web Series, Full Episodes Watch Online HD

The hit machine of erotic content ULLU released the new series trailer named Saas bahu & NRI. The series is the new sub-category of the web series called Palang Tod. It is a highly popular series that covers the stories of exotic dramatically Indian moments with bold scenes. Moreover, the Saas bahu and NRI already got lakhs of views on YouTube in just a few hours of launch.

In this post, know more about the Ullu web series Saas Bahu & NRI and gather information such as wiki, reviews, released date, cast, heroines, how to watch, and more.

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Saas, Bahu & NRI Ullu web series

The new ullu web series is the simple but interesting story of the main three characters, Saas, Bahu, and their NRI brother. The ullu web series will be Releasing on 17th September on the official ULLU.APP. The lonely single mother-in-law feels steamy when she hears the sound of her newlywed son’s lovemaking sessions. She feels aroused by the sounds of his newlywed daughter-in-law and wants to feel some love.

Palang Tod Saas Bahu & Nri Web Series, Full Episodes Watch Online HD, Wiki, Cast, Review, Story

An NRI brother of Bahu comes in the story who discovers that the Saas wants to get satisfied. Somehow, they got romantic nights which each other for the love happiness. However, mother in las still feels unsatisfied and she wants to experience something different. Mainly, she wants some quality with her Bahu.

The nice and kind daughter-in-law also understands the feelings of her mother-in-law and tries to give her happiness. Both ladies feel affection by each other’s company.

However, it will very fun and entertaining to watch what happened next and what happened if her son finds out and what is the role of NRI brother. By watching the trailer, it is clearly shown that the Saas Bahu & NRI Ullu web series is a lesbian story that contains drama, thrill, humor, and bold scenes.


The main leading is played by the famous actress Rajsi Verma and the rest cast is yet to be revealed. But it will be updated soon.


The description of the Saas Bahu & NRI of Palang Tod is “When the sounds of the steamy session of a newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife’s NRI brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead, the wife ends up fulfilling the mother-in-law’s temptations.”

You can watch the Saas Bahu & NRI series on the official website of ULLU.APP and enjoy it online. Moreover, you can Play and Download the series in the official ULLU App which is available on the PlayStore and enjoy at any time at any place.


Platform: Ullu
Cast: Rajsi Verma
Director: Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd
Producers: NA
Censor Rating: A
18+, Erotic, Drama, Thrill
Release Date: 17 September 2021
Show Timing: Anytime


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