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An Ohio man named Saadiq Teague was reportedly arrested for possession of a semi-automatic rifle and other deadly weapons. He was arrested after seen by cops around 12:30 p.m. on Friday charging his cell phone at a mezzanine charging station at 42nd St./Port Authority station in Midtown Manhattan, one block from Times Square.


As of 2021, Saadiq Teague is only 18 years old. Saadiq faces charges after being seen in Times Square subway station A, C, E with a semi-automatic rifle. he was been by cops sitting on a bench.

when approached by police and questioned he said he had a permit for the gun in Ohio and believed New York City allowed to carry the gun open.

Along with an AK-47 rifle, there were many things that police found in his bag.

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Saadiq Teague Columbus Ohio Charges

Teague was detained and later charged with 2 counts of criminal possession of a loaded firearm, two counts of criminal possession of an assault rifle, one count of criminal possession of a magazine of ammunition, and one count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Saadiq Teague wiki bio crime

Who is Saadiq?

Acording to the sources he is only 18 years old. his father name is Andrew Teague who died at the age of 43. he was killed by police after a police chase at high speed.

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