Ruhaan Arshad Leaked Viral Video Call, FIR, Wikipedia, Bio, Girlfriend, Net Worth

A shocking video of Hyderabad based raper Ruhaan Arshad (22) is going viral over social media. The video is heavily shared across social media and people are making wild assumptions. In the viral video, Ruhaan Arshad can be seen in an inappropriate situation talking to a girl on a video call. The sharing of news and video created curiosity in people hence many started searching for Ruhaan Arshad Video Call Viral Link.

ruhaan arshad viral video link

The first origin of the video is not known at the movement but it is one of the most viral videos nowadays. When the shocking video reached Ruhaan he initially filed an FIR in cyber police on March 30 to take down the video and arrest the people who are sharing it. Read the post further to know more about what and how everything happened.

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Ruhaan Arshad Viral Video

The video was the screen recording of the device in which rapper Ruhaan Arshad can be taken to a girl. Currently, there are no details available about the girl but the police are working on it. While talking to the girl Ruhaan undressed from the bottom and revealed his private body part.

Somehow the video went viral and people started searching for searching Arshad viral video link on the internet.

Ruhaan Arshad Viral Video Link Download

Ruhaan Filed FIR in Cyber Police

The FIR says that the girl who was talking to Ruhaan on a video call demanded 10 lakh from him. If not fulfilled the video of him will be posted on social media which eventually happened. Further, Ruhaan posted an Instagram video in which he said that the police and cyber crime branch is working to find the persons behind the viral video.

Ruhaan said that the girl including other social media users who shared the video will be arrested soon. Moreover, he also said that the video was edited and someone added the bottom section of the video.

According to the E9 news, He also says that all of this is done just to defame him by haters. Watching others be successful in life is hard for some people hence they are making things to defame them.

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Video was Real or Fake?

Currently, there is no final word said by police. According to the people who already watched the raw footage says that the video seems to be unedited. Many people on youtube also reposted the Ruhaan Arshad Viral Video hiding the privates to gain views. According to them, the video is real and not edited in any way. 

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For now, trusting random people’s opinion on the internet and youtube should be avoided. moreover, Ruhaan Arshad already said in his Instagram video that the video was half edited and police are strict actions against the people who shared it. Further, the girl will be punished soon after her identification.

Ruhaan Arshad Wiki

The young rapper Ruhaan is mostly known as Miya Bhai. He is a young talent born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He was born on February 18, 1998, in Hyderabad, Telangana. His religion is Islam and he completed his higher education at Pratibha Degree College.

The name Miya Bhai was given to him after he launched his first-ever rap song back in 2018. The name “MIYA BHAI HYDERABADI” was given to the song. within few months the video got millions of views on youtube which kickstarted Ruhaan’s career.

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