Romana Didulo Wikipedia, Arrested, Age, Charges, Allegations

Romana Didulo is the headline of the news, Romana is a Qunon Leader and self-claimed “Queen of Canada”. There is a rumor, which is spreading all over the internet that she has been arrested recently.  Several people are searching for her as they long to know complete details, you might be in the swim about her, that why was Romana Didulo arrested? If you do not know then it is the right post for all of you. Let’s find out all the facts and discover this news is true or not.

Who is Romana Didulo?

Romana Didulo is known to be the leader of the first party of Canada. In her career in politics, she has earned a huge amount of attention. As of now, she is holding a number of followers, which means she has immense popularity. Her popularity was raised when she claimed that she is the secret Qanon Queen of Canada. After she has got involved in the controversies, such as she was the headline before into the scandal for being the conspiracy theorist and the self-declared leader.

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Romana Didulo Queen Of  Canada

Romana Didulo is the woman who considers herself a secret Queen of Canada, after she has claimed this her fan following rose, and thousands of people have started to search on the internet. Her profile is being visited by lots of netizens hence her number of fans is increasing with time. She is pretty active on her social media handles such as Twitter and Instagram.  Didulo is the president and CEO  of the Vancouver-based company named global solution.

Romana Didulo Arrested

In her past she has faced some charges once for the vaccination process in Canada, it was pretty serious, due to some violence issue in her past she had faced some problem but as of now Romana Didulo arrest news seems fake, it is the fake rumor which is spreading on the internet, so there is an official statement and notice about her arrest, which is worth believing.

Romana Didulo Age

As of now, Romana Didulo is 50 years old, her name and fame is growing, she has also worked in companies. She is one of the successful women in her life, now she is looking forward to making her career in politics, due to her vaccination does to children she got all the attention, for more updates stay connected.

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