Richa Bharti Father (Mohan Kumar) Wiki, Death Reason, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth

The father of the trying Bihar young lady Richa Bharti has been shot somewhere near aggressors in her local town of Nalanda area in Bihar. Richa Bharti had climbed to popularity after she had fearlessly would not follow a judge’s order, who had demanded her to convey duplicates from ‘Quran’ to get bail. Stay tuned with the article to Get more updates on Richa Bharti Father Death reason, Wiki

According to the reports and news, the father of Richa Bharti (Mohan Kumar) was murdered due to a personal rivalry.

richa bharti father mohan kumar wikipedia, biography, death reason, age, wife, family

Richa Bharti Father Mohan Kumar Wiki

Full Name: Mohan Kumar
Age: 55-60 years old
Date of Birth: NA
Birthplace: Bihar, India
Death date Friday February 19, 2021
Death Place: Nalanda district in Bihar
Marital Status: Married
Wife Name: Meena Devi
Daughter: Richa Bharti
Son: NA

Richa Bharti said that her father was a regular common man in the village. He was a good man and due to his daughter’s bravery, Mohan was known by in the name of her daughter. Mohan Kumar’s wife’s name is Meena Devi who was the first to file the FIR against attackers.

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Death Reason

Late Mohan Kumar’s age is around 55-60 years old and he was middle-aged. He was a kind man but aggressors murdered him due to some personal rivalry, according to the reports.

richa bharti father

How Richa Bharti’s father Mohan Kumar Was Murdered?

On the evening of 19th February, her father and mother were getting back to their home from the fields at about 8:30 in the nightfall. The attackers were taking cover behind the farm tractor, hiding in the dark.

richa bharti father wiki, death reason, news

Richa discloses to the media that the aggressors shot her dad through the ear and afterward, utilized the towel he was conveying to choke him and drag him across the field. Subsequent to dragging him, assailants discarded his body in the close-by well.

Who Are The Murderers of Richa Bharti Father Mohan Kumar?

After this tragedy, Richa’s mother had filed the FIR and said that there were two attackers Chandramouli Prasad and Ranjit Kumar. These two beginning firing on Richa Bharti’s father Mohan Kumar and also these two try to dispose of the body. However, along with Chandramouli Prasad and Ranjit Kumar, there is a total of 8 unknown assailants, and the case has been filed.

Is Richa Bharti Father has Murdered Due To The Distribution of the Quran Case?

Richa says that this is murder due to long-time personal rivalry and attackers had planned to kill him for a long time. The murder had nothing to do with her brave stand regarding the distribution of the Quran.

Richa Bharti Details

who is Richa Bharti

Richa Bharti, A 19-year old college student was by Jharkhand police in 2019 for sharing a post on Facebook that criticized the thief Tabrez Ansar in Jharkhand.

In the post, Richa had questioned why Kashmiri Pandits did not take up arms even after their genocide while people from other religious communities became extremists. Afterward, Tabrez had died due to cardiac arrest, in the police custody.

He was brutally beaten by the mod on the 18th of June for the theft accusation.

Later, Richa was arrested by the SHO on Saturday. And the court had ordered Richa Bharti to distribute 5 copies of the Quran as a condition for bail. But she refused and comes in the fame among the youth. Afterward, people support her and donate a large amount of money to pay for Richa Bharti’s legal fees.

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