Who is Reina Westberg? IG model claims to have had affairs with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman

There is viral news on the internet which is gaining attention day by day there is a little Twitter argument which has put NFL players in trouble these days there is a new name which has come out eina Westberg she is an Instagram star and model has more than $32,000 on a private vista count she is bacon in headlines of the day. It starts with the little argument on the social media platform, on Twitter, where we see a dispute between two girls, and this argument led to an allegation on an NFL player, named Russell Wilson for cheating his girlfriend.

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Leaked Video, Allegation

There is a video that is leaked, in the video showing Reina Arguing with the other girl over the phone, Westberg is seeming happy about her pregnancy and her kids while calling the other girl some crude name. In the whole video, there were only arguments, as per the rumors it is spreading that the father of the baby is being discussed in Westberg’s video and it is maybe Richard Sherman.

Fans are reacting to this and commenting in the comment section, it is appearing that Wilson is pretty happy with his girlfriend, named Ciara, who is a singer and songwriter. as per the sources, Sherman has been arrested recently due to some family issues and his wife Ashley Moss. For more latest updates keeps following this site, we will let you know the latest news around the world.

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