Red Movie 2021 Cast Wiki Release Date Plot Rating Review: Ram Pothineni in Action

RED is one of the most awaited movies, which is trading on the internet. Many of the people are seeking more information related to the film. It is an action romantic movie, that is supposed to the released. It is directed by Kishor Thirmala and produced by Sravathi, through this movie, you are supposed to experience many famous actors. You will see Ram playing the main role in the film. And in the female category, you are going to see Mani Sharma. This post contains all the data about the move. You will discover Red’s Cast, Actress, Release Date, Plot, And Rating.

Red Movie

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Red Movie’s Plot

Ram is performing a double role in the movies, one Siddharth (Ram), who is a structural architect works in the main, he experienced passionate feelings for Mahima (Malavika) and follow her for quite a while. In the interim, Aditya (Ram in another job) is a trivial cheat in the city used to manage his monetary dealings with the assistance of his right hand Satya. One of them (Siddharth/Aditya) kills a youth which turns into a significant case to the Police office.

With the direction of Nagendra (Sampath Raj) get Siddharth previously dependent on Siddharth’s picture which was found from the expired individual’s telephone. On the opposite side, police capture Aditya for alcoholic and drive cases. Nagendra gets the stun and he asks his lesser Yamini (Nivetha Pethuraj) to take up the case. With barely any proof, Yamini battles to discover the guilty party among Siddharth and Aditya. Who is the offender? What is the explanation behind homicide? Did Yamini finds the proof? Should be viewed on a big screen.

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Red Movie’s Complete Cast Actress

Moving forward to the cast then, we would like to tell you, in the movie many of the gaming artists are going to appear. They have also performed in a number of movies in the past time. Ram and Rani will be in the lead role. The full cast is given below.

  • Nivetha Pethuraj as Yamini
  • Ram Pothineni as Siddharth or Aditya
  • Vennela Kishore 
  • Malvika Sharma as Deepika
  • Sampath Raj 
  • Amritha Aiyar as Anandi

Red Movie Rating

As per the source, It has been rated with 6.2 stars by IMBD out of 10 stars. It is one of the good things, it means this movie is pretty interesting. Red will be released on the 14th of Jan in 2021, very soon, we will hit this movie in the theatres. So hold on for more updates around the world.

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