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Ragini Tiwari, a lady whose video goes viral during the NRC and CAA protest. In the video, Ragini is trying to threaten the protesters and farmers and giving an Inflammatory speech. Stay with the blog to get more deep details on Ragini Tiwari Wiki.

However, the video will discuss later, but, a piece of news is spreading like a fire on social media that is Ragini Tiwari is passed away due to COVID19.

Ragini Tiwari death new ragini tiwari dead or alive

Ragini Tiwari Death News

Recently, a piece of news is spreading like a fire on the internet, social media, and including news media that is Ragini is dead. According to the news, Ragini is passed away and died due to contracting coronavirus. Hence, people are searching for that – is Ragini Tiwari dead or alive.

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By research and other media references, there is no evidence for her Death and she is alive.

It all begins with a WhatsApp message that claimed Ragini Tiwari is dead due to covid19. She is died from fighting with coronavirus.

Moreover, Rajeev Pandey writes in a tweet that remembers this is the same Ragini who had said to cut the Delhi riots, today she also went. God is calling one by one.

Ragini Tiwari is dead or alive?

By the research and due to lack of information, this is a piece of total fake news that is spreading on WhatsApp. Ragini Tiwari is alive and healthy. This is the fake message that is spreading by a few oppositions of the Ragini or maybe godi media.

Ragini Tiwari Wiki

Ragini Tiwari is a self-proclaimed Hindutva leader and her age is around 40-50 years old. She published a threatening video of ‘another Jafrabad’, the center of the February Delhi riots, which went viral on 12 December.

Tiwari giving the hate speeches to influence riots and between the Inflammatory speech, she said “Kaat Dalo”. If the protesters will not stop their blockage.

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Ragini Tiwari Video MMS

During the NRC and CAA protests, Ragini published a video that went viral. She is threatening in the video that is, if the protests were not vacated by December 16 and 17, then she would do it herself.

“I am telling all my sisters that prepare for [December] 17,” she said in the video. “If the government does not free us from the farmers’ movement in Delhi then Ragini Tiwari will once again create Jafrabad and whatever happens the Centre, state government, and Delhi Police will be responsible.”

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