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A piece of horrific news came out from Western Uttar Pradesh where a young man Rachit Jat brutally gunned down. The incident took place with full of a crowded area. According to the police, everything happened in daylight when four accused Muslims namely Shadab, Sariq, Shahbaz, and Shehzad planned every time against Rachit Jat. Read more news on Biographydata.org to stay updated.

Rachit Jat Murder News

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What Exactly Happen?

According to the police, In Bijnor’s Jhalu town in Western Uttar Pradesh, a young named Rachit Jat went to the market to buy a gift for his friend on Friday 5th February 2021. He was standing near an umbrella shop. Suddenly four Muslim youths approached and accosted him.

Rachit Jat Biography

Further, they started shooting at him madly without any accuracy. Rachit sprinted to save his life but didn’t go far. Somehow he went to a shop which was about 50 metres away from the umbrella shop. All of the five Muslims followed him and shoot total 13 rounds on him and Rachit died on the spot.

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What happed After?

The news reporters clam that after killing Rachit in public they went to a local cigarette shop which was nearby. They started smoking and joked about him while Rachit was laying on the pool of blood. Later after killing Rachit, the Muslims reportedly terrorized the local people gathered at the marketplace not to become witnesses.

Rachit Jat Killers smoking at local shop
Rachit Jat Killers smoking at local shop

All five Muslims threatened the people from Jat community. they said “if they want to live in the area then they have to bow down to the Muslims residing there, and fired in the air

Rachit Jat Killers
Rachit Jat Killers

Later Police arrested them with their murder weapons. All of them were the residents of Mohalla Pirzadgan in Jhalu town. It is also kame to know that the fifth one named Iqbal somehow managed to run away. Currently, there are no coordinates of him and the police are tracing him.

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Rachit Jat Wiki

Most of the people were shocked after knowing about this crime. This increased the curiosity of the people to know who is Rachit Jat? and why he was killed by five of them? Currently, there is not much available because police are working on this case but we gathered available details about Rachit Jat. Rachit Jat was 27 years old young who was the son of Bablu Jat. He was from Bijnor’s Jhalu town in Western Uttar Pradesh.

After the murderers got arrested the whole market area is scared. The jat community living there are madly in anger. Most of them went to the police station and started demanding strict punishment to the Rachit’s murderers.

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