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Producer Ashok Kumar tragically died on Tuesday. This sudden sad news shocked the whole film industry and everyone in grief. However, before their death, he left a note that said, the reason for his death is the movie business.

He was one of the most talented producers in the film industry (mainly Tollywood). Moreover, there are many reasons behind the death of producer Ashok. After announcing the tragic death of the producer, the fans and the film industry express their condolences.

However, many want to know what happened to him, how he died, and did he was attempted suicide. In this post, know everything about the Producer Ashok Kumar and gather information such as wiki, cause of death, biography, age, investigation, wife, girlfriend, children, films, net worth, and more.

Producer Ashok Kumar Death Reason

On Tuesday, a piece of tragic news came from the Indian film industry that producer Ashok is no more. Reportedly, the cause of Kumar’s death is suicide. He hanged himself in his residence on Tuesday evening. Moreover, he left a suicidal note of two pages that said the main reason for his deceased.

He said in the note: “For the last 10 years all the films we have produced have been released on time. The only big sin that we committed was to take a loan from Anbu Chezhiyan. For the last seven years, he has been taking interest upon interest from us, but for the last six months, he has been behaving in a very derogatory manner. Using his men he has been targeting the women and elders in my house. Who can I go to for help?”

To be more specific, it was the incessant pressure of the financial burdens he had incurred from producing his films. Besides, in particular, the trauma he suffered due to continual threats and harassment from the loan shark to whom he owed money.

Kumar alleged that the financier Anbu Chezhiyan had connections in the police force, and enjoyed political support as well. His cousin film director Sasikumar also suffered Kumar’s financial mistakes.

However, the investigation is under-checked for the case. Any more further information will be updated.

Producer Ashok Kumar Wiki

He was born in 1978, in south India, India, and as of 2021, he was 43 years old. He was a producer and an actor also in the Tamil and Bengali film industry. As a young assistant to the Bengali film producer Himanshu Rai, he unexpectedly started acting.

Besides, producer Ashok Kumar’s breakthrough performance was in Kismet (1943), where he performed in Mumbai and Kolkata for three years. He was appearing in more than 200 Hindi and several other Hindi films. Kumar playing romantic protagonists or threatening villains during the 1940s and 1950s with a salary of 300 – 400 rupees.

Later, he become the producer as he gained much experience in the film industry and making.

Wife & Kids

There are no details available for his wife, family, friends, kids as the family needs privacy in this difficult time.

Net Worth

There is no evidence available for his net worth, salary, and other sources of income. However, it will be updated soon.

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