Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series [ULLU]: Review, Cast, Story, Wikipedia, How to Watch Online?

Nowadays the competition in becoming hot between OTT platforms in India. TO give tough compaction ULLU is released its new web series named Palang Tod Caretaker on 5th February 2021. Further in this post, we will talk about Storyline, Cast, review, how and where to watch, and everyone’s favorite lead actress in the Palang Tod. Follow Biographydata.org for more updates.

Ullu Palang Tod Caretaker
Ullu Palang Tod Caretaker

Why Fans are Excited to Watch Palang Tod Caretaker?

Fans are excited to watch Palang Tod Caretaker. If you are thinking about how we can say that then here is the answer. On 5th February 2021, the trailer of Palang Tod is posted on ULLU’s youtube channel. Further in just 5 hours, the trailer got two lakh plus views on it with two hundred plus positive comments. All these things indicate that fans have a high expectation with ULLU’s new web series Palang Tod.

Ullu Palang Tod Caretaker Wikipedia

ULLU Originals Palang Tod Caretaker Wiki

Now, most of the viewers are excited to see how this series is going to be. Palang Tod Caretaker series is filled with hot scenes and exciting moments. This time ullu is showing some different and complicated relationships in the series. There are four main characters in the series who have some difficulty in getting sexual satisfaction in their life. Read the post further to know Plot, cast and review.

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On the bases of the trailer, we can say that the web series has a strong and unexpected storyline. The story started when men hire a Nurse for his father’s physiotherapy treatment at home. His father was suffering from pain for a long time. During the treatment, his father gets sexually attracted to the Nurse. Same happens with his son and he starts ignoring his wife.

Ullu Palang Tod Caretaker Storyline

Later the story gets serious when the men started an affair with the Nurse. Both of them spend having romance and doing naughty things in the house.

However, his father came to know the fact that his son is having an unethical affair with an appointed nurse. To take the advantage of the situation his father starts blackmailing the nurse. He threatened the nurse that he is going to tell everyone. In return, he demands a physical relationship with the therapist.

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Wikipedia

This is how the old men get some pleasure from the nurses but the story doesn’t end here. His daughter-in-law, in the end, wants to spend some delightful time with him as she was not satisfied with his husband.

Main Cast

As mention in the storyline, there are four main characters in the web series. Below you will see the list of Palang Tod Caretaker cast with there real names.

  • Tarakesh Chauhan is playing as elderly patent
  • Simran Khan is playing the role of Nurse
  • Lalit Dixit is playing as Husband
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar is presenting the role of Wife

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Cast

All of these actors are highly skilled in their work and did a great job in Palang Tod Caretaker. There natural acting is contributing huge following to the ULLU platform.

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ULLU releases on of its own kind web series which excites the viewers. The fantasy with romantic drama makes a huge difference in the series. Moreover, Ullu introduces new models in there series every time. Here we can see Simran Khan and Rekha Mona is playing in the main role.

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Review

Overall, we can say that Palang Tod Caretaker is a fantastic series with a lot of sensual scenes. Web series fans who are highly interested in watching some spicy adult content can consider looking at ullu’s new series Palang Tod Caretaker.


How to Watch?

You can watch this series on ULLU app. To watch you have to download it from google play store or apple play store. Then you have to buy its subscription.

Click here to download for android device

Click here to download for apple device.

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