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Suddenly a name becoming famous nowadays over social media or even on news also. Maybe you are also familiar with her name. Navkiran Natt a 29-year-old girl becomes another normal person who becomes viral over the internet just for her respect towards farmers. as per the sources, she has been camping at the Delhi border for more than 3 months and running a makeshift library for the agitating farmers. stay tuned with the article to know more about Navkiran Natt wiki, biography, age, salary, and more.

Navkiran Natt wiki

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Navkiran Natt Wikipedia

Spending 3 months camping at Delhi borders, shows her love and affections towards Indian Farmers. that’s why people start searching for Her Biography over internet, Be on the safe page for get all details about Navkiran Natt. She is a dentist by profession Plus she also has a degree in film studies.

She Once said “she could have certainly done a lot more with her time and life with all her work and educational experience but her heart lies with the cause of farmers and their protest which has been going on for over 100 days now.”

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“Books help me, books help us,” said Ms Natt who is not only running the ‘Bhagat Singh Library’ but also helping in editing copies for the ‘Trolley Times’ a newspaper born out of the movement two months ago and founded by and for the farmers.

Navkiran Natt wiki

Her Camping for More Than 3 Months

Now, Navkiran Natt is not alone in her role. She is the one who shows her duty and comes forward and stands up for the cause of farmers’ protest. She Also requests to Much big news channel that youngsters need to come forward to help the farmers in this protest. She also said that she got frustrated from the private sectors’ model of working and found her true calling in activism.  

Ms Natt Family

Talking about family, then we can consider that her family is also making her inspired. Because her own parents took part in many protests since when she was just 6 years old. Her parents’ names are Jasbir Kaur and Sukhdarshan Singh Natt and they both are activists who fought for the rights of Dalits in Punjab’s Mansa. Even they also went to jail while fighting for the protest. 

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