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Chennai: A horrific gang attack has happened on wanted rowdy Sivakumar. Officials say that the attacked was done for revenge. After the attack, Mylapore Sivakumar who was wanted in several criminal cases in the city died on the spot.

Mylapore Rowdy Sivakumar History

Hence many people want to know how everything happens. After the brutal killing was done in the daylight people of Chennai are living in terror. Read the post further to know about Mylapore Sivakumar Marriage photos, history, biography and many more.

Mylapore Sivakumar Death Reason

Recently Sivakumar was come out on bail. After getting free from jail he visited someone’s house in Ashok Nagar, Postal Colony on 2nd Street to recover a Rs 10 lakh loan provided to a real estate businessman. The loan was given between the Corona lockdown period. Observing his movement the rivel gang intercepted him in the daylight on motorbikes and attacked him.

He was killed with long knives on the spot. Thre of this partner who was also present with him on the seen tried to prevent the attack but they were also stabbed. Sivakumar was seriously injured and died on the spot in the pool of blood. After taking revenge the unknown rival gang fled away from the spot.

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Sivakumar Wiki, History

Sivakumar who was born in 1979 and aged 42 was a criminal with several open cases in Tamil Nadu. He was classified as an ‘A Plus’ category rowdy. According to the officials, he has 35 cases in which 3 of them were murder charges, 10 attempts to murder charges 22 other offences registered against him such as robbery, embezzlement and kidnapping. Further, Sivakumar was the central accused in the murder of his rival Thottam Sekar back in 1997.

Mylapore Sivakumar Biography

Name: Sivakumar
Full Name: Siva
Age: 42 years old
Date of Birth: 1979
Birthplace: Tamil Nadu, India
Death date March 4, 2021
Death Place Ashok Nagar, Postal Colony on 2nd Street
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Surya
Kids: None
Girlfriend: None
Qualifications: Not known
College: Not known
School: Not known
Profession: Not known
Net Worth: Not known
Social media: Not known
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 79 Kg
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Gray, Black
Shoe Size: 7
Zodiac: NA
Nationality: Indian
National Origin: India

He was the only key questionable for the attack on slain gangster Thottam Sekar’s wife Malarkodi and son Azhaguraja. The attack happened in front of the Casino Theatre near Anna Salai on October 10, 2019. Moreover, he was detained 2 times under the Goondas Act. He was as of late engaged with burning down a lady’s home, police said. Also, an externment order was issued two times to prevent him from entering the Mylapore police district.

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Marriage Photos

Mylapore Rowdy Sivakumar was Married to a women Surya two years ago. Since now there is no information available about his personal life or kid. According to the sources both of them never had any child since marriage. However many people are intrusted in his personal life. People are looking for Mylapore Rowdy Sivakumar Marriage Photos.

There is less information available about his personal life but we found some Marriage images of Sivakumar with his wife. The images are getting viral over the internet and we don’t know whether it’s him or someone else. The images were shared by an unknown Youtube channel in 2009. Therefore the couple in the images can be someone else.

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The one image we can surely say that is real is given below which was published on maalaimalar.com a Tamil language news portal.

mylapore rowdy sivakumar marriage photos with wife
Real Image of Mylapore Rowdy Sivakumar Marriage

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