YouTube star Mel Thompson dead – What happened to Puffin’s Wife? – Cause of death?

Mel Thompson aka Puffin’s Wife aka the sweetest soul passed away yesterday. I’m in disbelief. May her and her beautiful soul and family find peace. Rest well my sweet friend.

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Mel Thompson Death 

Many of you may have also been intrigued by the depth of her talent and enjoyed watching her as much as it can be enjoyed. Mel Thompson is without a doubt someone who, if you haven’t actually seen her, you will want to see her. Not only is she extremely talented, she is also funny and kind, and it’s a pleasure to see her.


Mel Thompson

He had his first shoulder surgery about 6-7 years ago and then another the following year. She never really played with makeup. She was an artist. She loved to paint and she loved interior design. However, her repetitive motions were a big (no no) after her last surgery.

Mel Thompson Wiki

She took a makeup brush and it quickly became a new way of creating art. She used to focus primarily on creating real art on her face and then that led to her focus on makeup work. She working on others, learning about different skins and techniques. She started working at MAC and Kelsee was the one who actually made him create her YouTube account.


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