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A piece of sad news has come in front that the mother of Amy Mihaljevic died back in 2001. After 12 years of her daughter’s death, she passed away. Many people want to know more about Margaret McNulty hence further in this post you will read more about Margaret McNulty’s death cause, net worth, family, husband, early life, and education.

Margaret McNulty Death Cause

According to our findings, she died due to a serious lupus health condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. In addition to that, she was depressed and became alcohol which also contributed to her serious health condition. According to the police, they found her body in the apartment. Her phone logs revealed that She hadn’t responded to her mom’s call for nearly weeks. This made many people emotional on social media. Sadly no other details have been found related to her death.

Amy Mihaljevic Mother Death reason

Margaret McNulty Wiki

Margaret McNulty’s husband’s name is Mark Mihaljevic. Together they had two kids Amy and son Jason. They got divorced after two years of Amy’s death. Margaret McNulty is known for being the mother of missing girl Amy. Back in October 7, 1989, Amy didn’t return home after school. Amy’s mother Margaret McNulty got worried about her because it was the first time that Amy didn’t come home after school. She took half day from the office and reached her school to find out where she is. The school was empty and no one was there except her bicycle. After that, a search team started looking for the 10-year-old girl. Sadly on February 8, 1990, the 10-year-old Amy was found dead. Sources revealed that she was abducted. 

Margaret also got a call from Amy herself telling the reason for her late return. Margaret thought that she was speaking from her home’s landline. But Amy never reached home.

Net Worth

Her net worth is not known at the moment and will be updated soon. 



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