Luang Pho Yai TikTok’s 163-year-old man Viral Video

TikTok’s 163-year-old man got viral on the platform with nearly 1.5 million likes. he claimed as the oldest man alive with the age of 163 years old. Social media and internet is buzzing about their age and identity.

Moreover, people want to know, is this video real, is this man real or fake, and what his actual age is. In this post, know everything about TikTok’s 163-year-old man and gather information such as Wikipedia, age, biography, real name, family, wife, children, grandchildren, net worth, occupation, height, weight, lifestyle, and more.


TikTok’s 163-year-old man Viral Video

Recently, on the popular short video social media platform Tiktok, there is a video of a very old man who got viraled. He is a very old man who is holding a girl in her hands in a blessing state.

Moreover, it catch the eyes of many, and the video suddenly got millions of views with nearly 1.5 million likes. It is claimed that he is 163 years old which is the oldest man alive on earth. The videos see a man, who appears to be a monk, lying in a hospital bed in Thailand.

However, short videos of the frail monk began appearing on the profile @auyary13 in January, but have taken over the internet in February 2022.

Is video fake or real?

According to the reports, he is a real man with real body physics. But reportedly, the 163 years old claim is a rumor. His body is extremely frail. Moreover, there are more rumors that are flooding on the platform that he is practicing Sokushinbutsu, which is the process of becoming a Buddhist mummy.

But it is completely fake news and in reality, he is not doing this Sokushinbutsu. he is just a monk of Thailand whose granddaughter started to upload his videos on TikTok.

TikTok’s 163-year-old man Wiki

TikTok’s 163-year-old man’s real name is Luang Pho Yai who is born in Thailand. In reality, he is 109 years old. He is a monk. Luang Pho’s body is very frail and he is very old. Moreover, he always wears monk simple clothes according to the videos.

The videos were originally uploaded on TikTok by a username called @Auyary13. According to sources, his granddaughter is the creator of the profile and she is uploading her grandfather’s videos.

He has amassed a huge 530,000 followers as TikTok users are fascinated by his incredible age.

Name: Luang Pho Yai
Full Name: Luang Pho Yai
Age: 109
Date of Birth: 1913
Birthplace: Thailand
Current Residence: Thailand
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Miss Pho Yai
Chidlren: Unkown
Qualifications: Unkown
College: Unkown
School: Unkown
Profession: Monk
Net Worth: Unkown
Social media: Instagram
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 40 KG
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: NA
Shoe Size: Unkown
Body Measurements: Unkown
Zodiac: Unkown
Nationality: Thailand
National Origin: Thailand

Wife, Children, & Grandchildren

Luang Pho Yai 163-year-old man is married and has a wife, children, and grandchildren. but there are no more details available.

Net Worth

There is no evidence available for his net worth, salary, and other sources of income. But any further information will be updated soon.

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