Libby Adame & Alicia Gomez arrested, Charges, Wiki, Investigation

Libby has been the headline of the news these days, as per the latest report she has been arrested for killing a client, because of an illegal butt lift operation. The client’s name was Karissa Rajpaul. There are thousands of people who are seeking more information related to this matter, if you are one of them then we would like to tell you that, both of them including Libby and Gomez have been arrested recently.

Libby Adame And Alicia Gomez Arrested

The reason behind their arrest is to allegedly injection a client with the liquified silicon mix while the butt lift procedure was going on. As per the news sources, she has died recently her name was Karissa after her death a video is spreading on the internet, which is being shared by netizens in which she is taking selfies in the operation table surfaced on the Sep in 2020.  It was the second of the three procedures that she was going through unfortunate after the thirst session she was no more.

Libby Adame & Alicia Gomez arrested

Who is La Tai?

The client was professionally an adult movie star, who was shifted to Southern California from South Africa for making her career in the industry. She used to make videos for La Tia, Le Tia is the one who was performing the procedure she has been charged with murder. It was stated by a certified surgeon that liquified silicon mix is deadly as it contains motor oil. Mother and daughter of them have paid with the charge $3500 to $450 where a normal charge the amount from client $10,000 to $15000 USD.

We would like to inform you that Libby Adame’s daughter Alicia Adame used to help her mom in surgery, and performing all the tasks. As of now, both of them are in trouble and facing a rough time,  we pray our condolence to the client who lost life, may her soul rest in peace, for more latest updates keep reading the post through this website.

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