Laal Lihaaf Web Series (ULLU); All Episodes Watch Online

Laal Lihaaf is the new erotica web series of the OTT platform Ullu originals. It is a web series that shows the story of the loving wife, husband, and some more characters who can play major roles.

Moreover, the official tease of the Laal Lihaaf is out and got 461,286 views. After watching the teaser, it is the suspense, drama, adult, erotica spicy combination web series with the amazing direction and production of ULLU.

Laal Lihaaf cast released date

In this post, let’s figure out the main components of the series such as cast, actress, released date, official tailor date, and more.

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Laal Lihaaf Cast

Ullu is very versatile by choosing the actors who totally fit into the characters. Furthermore, the cast of the Laal Lihaaf is amazing and played by talented actors.

Laal Lihaaf watch online

However, in the main leading roles, Sneha Paul, Dakshita Kumar, Meena Sharma, and the rest would side characters. The followings are the character’s names of the series.

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Sneha Paul – Kusum
Dakshita Kumar – Ronit
Meena Sharma – Mami
Jyostna Trivedi – Snehal
Eshan Tiwari – Mahesh

Name: Laal Lihaaf
Platform: ULLU
Director: Jasbir Baati
Producers: Ullu digital Pvt Ltd
Censor Rating: A
Genres: Erotica, drama, thrill, Adult
Release Date: 23 April 2021
Show Timing: Anytime

Who is the Actress in Laal Lihaaf?

Sneha Paul is the main leading female actor in the Ullu originals Laal Lihaaf web series who played the role of Kusum. She is beautiful, stunning, and a talented actress. Here are some photos of Sneha.


Laal Lihaaf actress

Released Date

The released date for the Ullu originals Laal Lihaaf web series is 23 April 2021.

Laal Lihaaf ullu web series


This web series brings out the dark side of love, jealousy, and possessiveness in a relationship. Kusum is a lovely lady wedded to the medieval man Mahesh throughout the previous eight years. Tragically, she is disregarded by her better half and continually needing his affection and consideration.

Laal Lihaaf story


Yet, Mahesh ignores and is least irritated by his better half, and is continually looking for the organization of his companions. He shows no worry for Kusum’s emotions and wants. In any case, at that point, Mahesh also is facing a conflict of awful evil spirits of his youth.

Moreover, Kusum hatches a plan with her husband Mahesh to stop Suhani from being attracted to any men in the future. Long story short, Ullu originals bring you ‘Laal Lihaaf’, the story of Kusum and Suhani, blooming love turning into a twisted end.


Laal Lihaaf Web Series All Episodes

The Laal Lihaaf ullu web series would be available on the official Ullu app or Ullu Website (www.Ullu.app). You can watch the series with all episodes on the ullu official application by taking the subscription plan.

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