Kim Ji Soo Allegated For Sexually Assault Wiki, Age, Career and Net Worth

Korean entertainer Ji Soo has gone under investigation for claims of school harassment and rape. An individual professing to be the River Where The Moon Rises star’s classmate from 2006-2008, asserted that the K-show entertainer was a “harasser” and a “sexual stalker”. It is one of the viral news, which is spreading on the internet, and tons of people are seeking more details related to his profile, for of them, we created this post which all the info such as his wiki, controversy, career, and more.

Kim Ji Soo Allegated For Sexually Assault Wiki, Age, Career and Net Worth

Who is Ji Soo?

He is one of the most entertaining personalities and well-known actors from South Korea, who took birth on the 30th of March in 1993, being an actor he has performed in a number of movies and shows. Kim Ji Soo has become a big face in the entertainment industry. He has millions of fan followers because of his popularity or work. As per the source, his stage name is a pen-name, he has also been a part of many short films. He was a trainee actor at JYP Entertainment in 2012.

Ji Soo Wiki

Name  Kim Ji Soo
Date Of Birth 30 March 1993 
Birthplace Busan, South Korea
Age 27 years old as of 2021
Occupation Actor
Nationality Korean
Gender Male
Marital Status NA

Ji Soo Allegated For Sexually Assault

On March 2, a post was transferred to an online discussion blaming Ji Soo for being a culprit of school savagery. The informer stated, “Kim Ji Soo had a greater form than different children his age at that point. Beginning in his second year of center school in 2007, he wandered the school as a delinquent and played out a wide range of awful deeds.”

Following this, other individual schoolmates blamed Ji Soo for sexual savagery. Another mysterious client approached and blamed him for being a ‘womanizer’. He apparently additionally blamed him for having sex with a center school understudy in a restroom.

The entertainer himself has posted a written by hand expression of remorse, all things considered, “I truly apologize to individuals who endured as a result of me. There is no reason for my past unfortunate behavior. They were things that can’t be excused.”

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