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American dancer and internet sensation Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa appeared in a TikTok video with her rumored girlfriend Katie Mills. They both couple appeared in a TikTok series and they are enjoying together holding hands.

It is enough to burn the fire of rumors and talks between the fans that they are both in a relationship. However, JoJo’s relationship with Kylie Prew wasn’t to last.

Hence, everyone wants to know who is she, how they met and is they are dating. In this post, know everyone about Katie Mills and gather all information such as Wikipedia, age, biography, girlfriend, boyfriend, net worth, occupation, Instagram, and more.

Katie Mills Wiki

She was born in 2002 in Utah, in the Western State. And as of 2021, she is 19 years old. Katie Mills is a TikTok star who posts dance and challenge videos. Moreover, she has 112,000 followers on the platform.

Might be Mills from Utah as her many Instagram posts have tagged this location. Hence, it appears as though she is from the Western state.

Reportedly, she attends a public community college Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. According to her Instagram posts, she is presumably 18 or 19 years old.

Katie Mills is tall, has beautiful smiling eyes, a good sense of fashion with a charming personality. She is also a pretty good dancer. Moreover, Jojo Sewa and her meet-up have happened in a TikTok series where they perform together and their chemistry is too good.

Jojo Sewa & Katie Mills Relationship

All rumors began with a TikTok series, she attended a Lakers basketball game with a new girl. The pair sat courtside at the game and filmed a TikTok dance which Jojo captioned: “My favorite TikTok dance of all time.”

Later, they attended the Lakers game, Katie also posted a video of herself and Jojo on TikTok. Moreover, fans need confirmation which is they get by a video clip, the pair danced and held hands on the beach.

However, Jojo Sewa had a relationship with Florida teen Kylie Prew but they broke up.

On November 2nd, whilst speaking on Paris Hilton’s This Is Paris podcast, she confirmed the breakup, saying: “I have yet to talk about this officially, publicly, but we broke up.”

However, fans getting speculations that there is a new girl in her life. Furthermore, after these rumors, fans become detectives and many spoilers and leaks start getting came out.

In the photos, Katie and Jojo are at Disneyland California and one of them sees Katie kissing her on the cheek.

“I may or may not be obsessed w her,” she wrote in the comments.

Katie Mills Girlfriend

Kylie Prew is the ex-girlfriend of Jojo Sewa. But it is rumored that Katie Mills is a new girlfriend.

Katie Mills Net Worth

There are no details available for Katie Mills’s net worth, salary, and other sources of income. But it will be updated soon.

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