Kaneez ULLU Web Series 2021 wiki, cast, plot, release date, how to watch online

A new web series has been released by ullu named Kaneez. If you are unaware of the word Kaneez then it’s cast or last name used by Muslim families. As always the trailer shows a wild story in which a young man was getting married to a beautiful woman. If you are interested in watching the new ULLU web series then read the post further. 

Kaneez Ullu web series

Kaneez Web Series Wiki

Kaneez is the new upcoming web series of ullu where you will be able to watch some spicy bold scenes with intense stories. The web series is set to launch on 7th December. Keep reading this post because further, you will find more valuable details about Kaneez.



Since Kaneez is a Muslim cast the story starts with a happy Muslim family. A young man gets married to a girl but soon after a note written by an unknown person was famous by a family member which revealed that the man was going through erectile dysfunction. To born the baby the girl had to start a relationship with other men. Further, the born kid was shot down by a street gang. The further trailer will be revealed soon.    

Kaneez Ullu web series part 1


For now, the cast of the series is not known. More details will be updated soon.

How to Watch Online

To watch the web series you have to buy the ullu subscription from the official app then you will be able to watch the new Kaneez ULLU Web Series. 

Release Date

The web series is set to launch on 7th December 2021 on the ullu app hence download now if you are a huge fan of this kind of spiced-up drama web series. 

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