Joni Davis & Brian Goff Found Dead, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Cause of death

Recently one of the viral news has come out where the bodies of the couple have been found dead in the river. As soon as this news has come out it has become the headline of the news. Many people showing lots of interest to know about this hence we have prepared this report so that you can get to know more about this. So let’s move forward and explore all the details.

Joni Davis & Brian Goff Found Dead

As far as we got to know the couple Joni Davis & Brian Goff was reported missing since the year 2018. Now the news is coming that both of them have been found in the river in dead condition this news is from Ohio where some divers volunteers have found the couple in the river. As per the authority’s statement, the couple’s name was Joni Davis & Brian Goff. They were reported since June 2018 the volunteers who are working in the area for different matters but they found the bodies of a couple.

Bodies were found on a Wednesday night and on Thursday the vehicle was pulled out from the water still there’s an investigation going on related to the deaths. And their death cause is not known yet we are searching all the details. Both couple husband and wife are not familiar with media forensic investigation will take place when the process is started from now.

Joni Davis, Brian Goff Wiki

According to the report, on June 10 in 2019 they went disappeared after they eat dinner at the St. Clairsville Pizza Hut. The FBI and Ohio BCI team are working on the matter, as it has been a center of attraction, the Belmont County Sheriff, named Dave Lucas, and Jefferson County Fred Abdalla, all have spent a day on this.  The couple was found in the car with the seat belt on, it is said by Ohio River, Authorities.

Many people have offered their condolence on social media sites, we also express our condolence to their family and loved, may their souls rest in peace. It is still a mystery that how they died, but we will come to this after some time as ingestion is going on in full swim, investigators are working well and trying their best. People continue searching this cast on the internet, that what has happened to Joni Davis & Brian Goff, has been a complete mystery. For more latest details keep reading this post, we will come to know trending and vial topics through this site.

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