Skateboarder Jonas Wray Wikipedia, Bio, Obituary, Wife, Net Worth, Age

A piece of sad news has come that Jonas Wray who was a famous skateboarder has died. He was known globally for his skateboard skills.  Jonas Wray obituary was shared on social media on.

After the news, many dived into the comments section and said emotional things. because he was widely known many people want to read in detail information about him. further in this post you will read about Jonas Wray Skateboarder Wikipedia, Death Cause, net worth, wife, and in detail obituary.

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Jonas Wray Death Reason

Jonas Wray died on April 12, 2021. There is no death cause reported right now. He died peacefully his brother Jeremy said using social media.

His brother Jeremy use his Instagram account to announce the sad news. He post a Picture of Jonas and said “Ever had something happen in your life that hit you so hard you felt like you were fighting back tears with every breath? Well, that’s where I’m at. My brother Jonas has been by my side since he was born. We have been through so much together. Too much to even write about. He was loved by sooooo many! And he returned that love 100%.”

“Anyone that knew him would tell you the same. Truly a one of a kind human being. For anyone worried or confused about his passing, just know, I found him peacefully resting at our house. He was sitting up on the couch looking like he was comfortably taking a nap. No foul play, no wild story. He went peacefully in his sleep.” he further said.

“He was happy in his life and loved you all very much. He will be missed terribly by everyone that knew him. I will be reaching out with more info as the days progress and we figure out the next steps. For those that know me, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve been on the phone all morning talking with friends and letting everyone know what happened. Trying my best to reach everyone before they read it anywhere else, but that’s just not possible these days.” He further added.

“I’m putting this up to share the unfortunate and unbelievable truth that Jonas is no longer with us (at least as he was). Much love to you all. Now go hug your brother if you have one. Do it for me 💔” he said in the end.


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Currently, the exact death cause of Jonas Wray is not known at the movement. But we will follow the sources and update this page after a direct statement from his family.

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Tributes To Jonas Wray

After the announcement, many big personalities commented and gave tributes to Jonas.

Benny Gold said “I’m so sorry! my thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend

Chad Muska said “Much love and strength to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. 🙏🏻”

Grant Brittain said “So very sorry for your tragic loss Jeremy🙏🏻”

Braydon Szafransk said “My prayers go out to you and your family, your brother was always an amazing human being to me🙏💔”

Paul Rodriguez said “So sorry for the Loss of Jonas he was a good dude always showed me love. My prayers are you the whole Wray family 🙏🏽💔🙏🏽”

Ed Templeton said “Jeremy, so sorry. Jonas was the coolest person. A sad day for sure.”

Jonas Wray Wiki

Jonas Wray and his brother both were known for being professional skateboarder around the globe. Both of them did skateboarder for more than 30 years. They inspired youngsters around the world to do skateboarding and improve their skills. Many people paid attention on their Ollies, Kickflips, bolt landings with the help of Jonas.

Jonas Wray Skateboarder Biography

In addition to skateboarding, he was also an Artist and Designer. he was the owner of Wraybros Brand. On Wraybros you will see stickers, glasses and snickers.

Net worth

His net worth is not known at the moment but we will soon update the information here.

Family, wife

Details about his wife are not known but we were able to confirm that he was married. He was the father of two kids. Son Jaxon who is 10 years old as of 2021 and daughter Jayden who is 7 years old as of 2021. His brother name is Jeremy and he also have a pet dog.


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