Hussam Abu Harbeed Wikipedia, biography, Death, Age, Death Reason, Jihad Commander

Another top searching personality on the internet, who is being searched a lot, his name is Hussam Abu Harbeed, he was the Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza. As per the report we got to know that he is no more now on the 17th of May in 20201, he has passed away, The Israel Defence Force has made this announcement of his death. To know more about him keep reading the post, we will let you know Hussam Abu Harbeed’s wiki, age, death reason nad more.

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Hussam Abu Harbeed Death Reason

The Islamic Jihad Commander in Gaza has died on the 17th of May, he was serving his country for a long time Hussam Abu Harbeed’s death cause is an open secret, everyone knows it. He was killed by the airstrike, which was conducted by Israel Airforce, due to the ongoing war, it happened on the Money after that three Palestinians were killed in this airstrike.

Hussam Abu Harbeed Wikipedia, biography, Death, Age, Death Reason, Jihad Commander


Hussam was one of the Islamic Jihad’s northern division commanders for more than 15 years after his death military express felling, said: “Hussam Abu Harbeen was behind several anti-tank missile terror attacks against Israeli civilians”. His family is also mourning and they ned peace at the moment so that they can survive through this time.

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War Between Israel Vs Palestine (Hamas) 2021

Reportedly on the 10th of May in 2021, Israel was attacked by Hamas with dozens of rockets after some of the weeks, Israeli was clashing with the Palestinians near AI-Aqsa Mosque. Now the intensity of the war is increasing, it was announced that more than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israel. Now the situation is critical, it can be the beginning of World War 3, which can destroy the complete world and human existence.

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