How To Control Your Emotions At A Poker Table

A certain amount of level-headedness is required in poker if you’re to make the right decisions to get higher winning chances. One of the primary reasons many people lose at poker is their inability to keep their emotions in check. 


Losing control of your emotions is one of the fastest ways to lose money. Good players often try different aggressive plays to set off their opponents and take advantage of them. 


Learning how to control your opponent is very important if you want to improve your game and your winning chances. For this reason, this guide will provide an insight into the various tips that can help you stay calm and control your emotions in poker. Keep on reading!


Understand The Math

Poker requires a basic understanding of math if you want to understand the game. The inability to calculate odds, combinators, and implied value can make the game look confusing and this can lead to frustration. From there, you might start letting your heart do the thinking for you.


By understanding the math behind poker games, you will not only stay objective in the decisions you make, but you will only follow the game easily while also thinking ahead in your play.  

Learn How To Calm Yourself Down

It’s important to identify your triggers and weaknesses as well as the ways to calm yourself down. 


Different people have different ways of calming themselves. For some, it’s music while for others it might be taking a walk or a drink. You need to identify what calms you down and apply it. 


Poker games can sometimes go on for hours, when you feel that the pressure is getting to you, you should try to calm yourself. 

Manage Your Expectations  

A major reason people lose their emotions in poker is because they have high expectations and when they fail to meet these expectations it leads to outbursts.


Sometimes, you will find some poker players who set unrealistically high expectations that far exceed their playing ability. Hence, it becomes easier for them to fly off the handle when things aren’t going their way.


The trick is to manage your expectations and learn to set realistic objectives that match your abilities. To learn more, click here for more information. Besides this, When you limit your goals to your abilities, you will be able to stay in control and manage your emotions better.

Take A Deep Breath

Stress can also play a significant role in forcing you to make poor, emotional decisions while playing poker. Just like most good players do, you can always control stress by managing their breath. Heavy pretty suggests stress while shallow breathing suggests fear and anxiety. 


The trick is to take deep breaths that will allow your body to fully take in and release air. Deep breaths will slow down your heartbeat, lower your blood pressure, and relax your brains to help you function better. 

Commit Fully

Poker is a game that you can either win or lose. Hence you should prepare yourself for the outcome. 


To avoid getting worked up, you should adopt a consistent strategy while remaining flexible. 


It should be stressed that commitment comes with risks. For this reason, you should ensure you make better decisions such as knowing when to fold, play, and when to walk away. 

Consider Professional Assistance

Poker is considered to be a game that requires mental astuteness. If you feel like you’re struggling too much you can consider seeking professional assistance. 


You can get a poker coach to show you the ropes to improve your game. A professional can also help strengthen the mental aspect of your game. 

Live To Play Another Day

Pro poker players didn’t become masters of the game overnight. It took years of practice, consistency, and patience. 


If you’re in a hurry to make it big in Poker, you will only lose money faster and this will lead to frustration. You should instead be patient with yourself and trust the process. 

Take A Break

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to walk away. Knowing when to stop is very important in preventing further loss. There are times when the pressure gets to you especially when the stakes are high and it’s hard to keep your emotions in check. 


You should take a break from the game or from poker for a while. This will help you to freshen up and clear your head. Remember to live to play another day. 


Final Thoughts

Emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, anger, and anxiousness are natural reactions to the mental and physical stress which comes with poker. After all, poker is not for the faint of heart, but for those strong of mind.


The ability to manage your emotions will make you a better player and give you an advantage over your opponents. 


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