How Did Danilo Coles Die? Parents Killed 12 Year Old Texas Boy Check Cause of Death, Boy Images Wiki

Terrifying news coming forward these days which is in the headline, a couple has been arrested after they kill their child named Danilo Coles. It sounds so shocking but it is real that San Antonio-based couple has been identified as the culprit. The couple’s names are Derrick Coles who is 32 years old and his wife’s name is Kapri Cheatomthey. They have killed their child whose name is Danilo Coles. He was 12 years old at the time of his death as far as he got to know he was becoming so disrespectful that’s why they wanted to punish him and he beat him with a whip and in the end, he lost his life.

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Danilo Coles Death

The couple has been charged with the first-degree felony causing injury to a child resulting in bodily injury. Let’s find out all the details related to the case we will also help you to find out more information. As per the statement of the San Antonio Police department, they had received the call on 911 from Derrick Coles, who told them that their child is not breathing at home and the location is the 7600 block of Wurzbach Road. After that, the child was admitted to the university hospital and the medical staff has declared him dead.

The Couple Arrested

Danilo Coles’s body was suspicious, the cops took the couple in the custody. And started to integrate during the interrogation they have found that the couple has hit their child Danilo Coles and made him hold 50-pound boxes for hours. The couple was bent on claiming that their child fell while taking a shower and went on to cut himself.

As of now, the couple has been arrested and they are behind the bars on the bond amount of $150000 dollars each this case is getting viral. There were many people who were showing interest to know about this case in both of them are being criticized a lot. People are showing their aggression on social media platforms and their making post and comments on this shocking news. It is not the first place which was found before that there are many cases published on the internet formulated details give it to this post.

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