Malawi Voice Journalist Fredrick Chulu Was Arrested? Know More Details

The mystery of why Fredrick Chulu was arrested is not over. Many have wondered what caused his arrest, and what he can do to clear his name. The truth is far more complicated than that. His arrest was a result of three incidents involving insulting language. He was also accused of using expletives during the incident. These are all still under investigation. Read on for some information about the charges against Chulu. Let’s know more about Fredrick Chulu Arrested through this post.

Journalist Fredrick Chulu Was Arrested

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Why Fredrick Chulu Was Arrested?

The Malawi Voice journalist was arrested last year for publishing false news and allegedly insulting Joyce Banda. He was transferred to Lilongwe where he is facing trial. The accusations were later dropped. Mponda has denied any wrongdoing and is fighting the charges. In the end, he was found not guilty. In October 2018, Chulu dismissed Mponda’s case and transferred him to Lilongwe. People are searching for the keyword “Fredrick Chulu Arrested” on the web.

Chiluba was arrested after his uncle said he was going to meet him outside the pub. Chiluba put the phone on the table where Chisha was sitting. When he waited for him to arrive, he thanked her and left. Before Chisha and her friends could leave, the uncle got in his vehicle and drove away without Chisha. Chiluba subsequently returned the phone. Chiluba’s friends were left out, and Chiluba was released.

What Happened To Fredrick Chulu?

Muluzi’s attorney argues that he is not required to provide any details on his source of funds because his constitution gives him the right not to disclose it. Muluzi’s attorney also pointed to the fact that his assets could have generated more money than cash. He referred to Ntaja Tradings and the Chitsime Drilling Company, two companies owned by his first wife, Annie Muluzi.

Hichilema had been a major opponent of the former president Edgar Lungu, who ruled Zambia for a decade. His arrest on 11 April 2017 was widely seen as an illegitimate act, resulting in protests and calls for his release. The arrest was dropped on 16 August 2017, after which Hichilema was released. And on 1 November, Hichilema appeared on BBC’s HARDtalk television program and was interviewed by Stephen Sackur. He became the second Zambian politician to be featured on the show, after Levy Mwanawasa.

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